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7 Important Car Repairs That Everyone Dreads

Car Repairs
Car repair

Buying a new car is easy in today’s time but maintaining it in its best condition can get difficult. One needs to regularly check oil, engine, tires, brakes, etc. to ensure the car is in prime condition.

While there are certain things you can fix on your own, there are some jobs that require a skilled mechanic.

Here are 7 Car repairs that only an expert should take care off to help protect your car and yourself:

  1. Body Work and Paint

    Car Body Spray Painting

    Getting a scratch or a dent on your car removed and then topping it up with some smooth layer of gloss/matte finish paint is an expensive, messy and time-consuming affair. It requires a great amount of skill to make the dents disappear and get the car shining like it was the day you bought it – because one small mistake could mess up the paint job.

    You might be tempted to use one of the many products available in the market to remove small scratches, but we suggest you take the help of professionals – as only they can do justice to a paint job.

  2. The Windshield

    Car Windshield Repair

    Getting the windshield cracked means an expense of almost $200-$300: There’s no question on why the windshield costs so much because it gives you a clear vision of the road while saving you from the wind, dust, and debris, at high speeds.

    Replacing the windshield requires a certain amount of skill, as one must evenly spread the adhesive and ensure that it doesn’t smudge or drop and ruin the interiors of the car. It’s best to leave it to the professionals if you’ve got to get it replaced.

  3. The Engine Control Unit (ECU)

    Car Engine Repairs

    The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the heart and soul of your machine, and if you find something off with it, you should get it checked from an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technician.

    It is easy to know if your ECU needs to be tuned: Keep an eye out for the engine light in your car. If it comes on, you’ll know the ECU is damaged and it needs to be fixed.

    While there are a variety of products in the market that can help you fix this in your garage, it’s still best to leave this to the experts. Because one wrong move and you might have to recalibrate the engine or maybe even replace it.

  4. The Electrical Wires

    Car Wiring Repair Service

    There are meters of electrical wires that run through your vehicle, and you come to realize that only when you take off the side panels and take a sneak-peek under the hood. These wires are connected to many connectors, sensors and electrical panels to make almost all your car parts function: Right from your headlights to taillights, and from your music system to the wiper blades, each of them is connected to a wire. If you see a wire popping out of nowhere, it’s best to get the electrician to take care of it.

  5. The Air Conditioner

    Car AC Repair

    It comes as no surprise that the number of parts that go into making the Air Conditioner (AC) work in perfect condition. The main component of them all is the compressor: Once that part seizes, it sends tiny metal parts through the entire system which results in replacing the condenser, evaporator, and other various parts. Imagine having to fix all of this with no prior experience? Sounds dreadful, right? So, leave it to the experts, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

  6. Fixing the Gearbox

    Car transmission fix

    Ever looked at what’s inside of your car’s gear transmission? You’d be surprised to see a maze of gears, tensioners, bearings, and rods, all of which must fit right back where they belong so that the engine works smoothly.

    It is a rare occasion when the gearbox gives in, but when it does, it is a task in itself to get the sensors out without breaking a finger or two. Even when it comes to an automatic transmission, the 4 cylinders weigh anywhere between 100-400 pounds. This is why fixing a gearbox isn’t as easy as you think and would need state-of-the-art equipment and a trained mechanic.

  7. Airbags

    Car Airbag Repair

    This is the last but the most important part that has been installed in almost every car these days. We hope you never have to deploy these – but in the worst-case scenario, you don’t want these things to malfunction. Even though these Airbags are designed to deploy at a certain speed, there are times while you’re trying to fix something around your dashboard or steering wheel and accidentally deploy the safety device.

    Even though there are various hacks available online for you to fix these Airbags, it is best to get the professionals to change them for you and relieve you from all the stress.

Now, the next time you have a flat or a nut goes loose, we know you can repair it yourself. But, if you ever happen to face any of the above problems, it’s best you take the backseat and let the professionals get the work done for you.

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