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Top Five Car Commercials Of All Time

Best Car Commercials

Do you know the number of people it takes to make an Ad film or Television Commercial? What you see is a 30 second to a minute long video, but the time to make that one advertisement can take months. Right from ideating to execution, the team puts in hours worth of efforts to create what we like to call a work of art.  

Here are some of our favourite car commercials of all time.

1.  Mercedes-Benz – ‘Chicken’ TV commercial

The ‘Chicken’ ad was an award-winning television commercial created in the year 2014. Mercedes used the chicken to show the ‘The Magic Body Control’ of the then all-new Mercedes S-Class. The S-Class provides a smoother and more stable ride in almost any terrain. The commercial features chickens dancing with the help of human hands to the track ‘Upside Down’. The interesting fact is that no visual effects were used, as chickens have the innate ability to keep their heads stable even when their body is in motion. What an idea to showcase the feature.

Watch the commercial here:


2.  Toyota – The longest chase TV commercial

The Toyota Prius has always been considered to target the farmer’s market, and the perception was that the people from the city don’t like to own one. To break that notion, Toyota came up with a commercial that highlights the features of the car that include speed, quietness, and automatic braking. The commercial begins with the bank robbers’ car being towed and then finding a Prius to begin the longest car chase ever.

Watch the entire chase here:



3.  Honda – Hands TV commercial

Honda has been designing and innovating automobiles for over 65 years now. And to mark that celebration, they came up with an advert that shows a man in a lab coat with a voice over that says – “Let’s see what curiosity can do”, after which a nut rolls into the screen and the magic unfolds. In under 2 minutes, the ‘hands’ take us through the 7 decades of Honda’s innovations.

See the magic right here:


4.  Audi – Green Police TV commercial

Audi’s ‘Green Police’ commercial focuses on people who make environmentally-unfriendly decisions by opting for plastic bags at supermarket stores, bathing in hot tubs, etc. The advert shows what would happen if cops filed a violation for every act that harmed the environment and then introducing their eco-friendly A3 TDI ‘clean diesel,’ car that is designed to appeal to environment-conscious consumers. It is a relief to watch the guy at the end drive away from the other people who are causing harm to the environment.

Watch the ad here:


5.  Subaru – Legacy Jr. Driver TV commercial

Subaru is known to manufacture the Legacy – ‘The longest-lasting midsize sedans in its class’ and to showcase that longevity, they put a child in the driver’s seat. While the commercial shows a kid driving around in the Subaru, while not even being able to look over the dashboard, facing the hardships of driving and maintaining a car at a very tender age. The commercial ends with the father asking the kid if he would like to drive and the kid says ‘no’. The message is that the Legacy will still be around when the kid is old enough to drive it.

Catch the Jr. Driver in the commercial here:


If we’ve missed out any of your favourites, post it in the comments section below.

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