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Tips on How To Buy a Car in Dubai

Buy a car in Dubai

Planning to buy yourself a new set of wheels isn’t as easy as it looks. Given that it’s a big purchase, one must take into consideration even the smallest factors that would determine the choice of car. While with almost every brand trying to sell you their product by calling it the best, choosing the one that is best for your needs turns into a complicated affair. Which is why we have put together some essential tips on how to buy a car in Dubai that fits the bill.

6 Important Tips on How to Buy a Car in Dubai

  1. Do your research

  2. Car Buying Tips

    At present, there are over 70 car brands in Dubai; each of them features a large array of cars under their belt. We understand choosing one car from this exhaustive list can be hard, but penning down your requirements can help you shortlist some from the many. Do in-depth research on the space, features, performance and the kind of technology you would like in your new car. Shortlist not more than five cars that tick all the boxes to save you from wandering aimlessly.

  3. Keep a budget in mind

  4. Car buying budget

    It is extremely important to keep a strict budget in mind while buying a car. You can strike off a number of makes from your list with the help of a strict budget. The temptation to stretch your wallet will always be there, but if you do keep a strict bracket for your budget, the confusion of choosing the right car for you would also reduce. If you are planning to finance the vehicle, take note of the monthly installments and interest chargeable. Your budget should also include running costs such as a fuel allowance, insurance, and maintenance.

  5. Test drive it before you buy it

  6. Car Test Driving

    Once you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s time to test how they perform on road. This is the most exciting and fun part of the journey of buying a car. You get to try and test what the car can do and have all the fun you want before making the tough choice. Don’t feel shy to sit in the passenger seat, and fidget with the radio and other gizmos installed to get a feel of how each of them respond to your touch. This would help you to see the car from another perspective. And while the salesperson is driving you around, shoot as many questions as you can – and take the car around the neighborhood to get a better understanding of the ride quality.

  7. Check out all the features

  8. Car Checking Before Buying

    Make note of all the features you need in a car. Ask the salesperson on how each of these performs in different situations as well. Also, be sure to test each of them; it would help you in understanding how intuitive these features are and whether you need them or not. Take your time and inspect every part.

    Check how the doors open and close, how the seats fold, how responsive the electronic system is. Test it all until you are completely convinced.

  9. Ask what’s included in your package

  10. Car Buying Inquiry

    When you visit a dealer/distributor, be sure you have done your homework and take with you a long list of questions. You might realize some things on the car test drive as well, make note of them and ask about the same when you sit down with the salesperson. When you are buying a car, you may overlook maintenance cost, repairs and price of registrations, which may end up increasing your cost of ownership by a huge margin. Check what additional features the dealership can offer you. Make sure all the boxes have been ticked and get all the answers before you sign the dotted line.

  11. Don’t rush into it

  12. Everything said and done, you should never ever rush into buying a car. Even during a sale period, don’t be in hurry to buy a car because the offer sounds ‘tempting’, because this can turn into an expensive affair, as a hasty decision can lead to a wasteful outcome. Compare all the cars you’ve been eyeing on and go back to take another test ride if need be.

    While these steps are in no way exhaustive, you can figure out what kind of a car you want if you follow them. Do your homework, ask questions, and zero in on a car that will serve and protect you and your family for years to come!

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