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What is the Difference between Semi-Synthetic and Fully-Synthetic Oil?

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Keeping your engine well lubricated is a key factor to keep the vehicle running smooth. And it is your engine oil who does this job. No car can function without engine oil. When it is time to change your engine oil, you have to look into a number of factors. You have to understand the viscosity of the engine oil, the brand and grade of the engine oil you use, and of course, if the oil’s semi synthetic or fully synthetic. I’m sure that you would be confused by all the terms that I used, so let me break it down for you.

What is fully synthetic oil?

Most of us are aware of mineral oils that are derived from crude oil. Synthetic oils are also derived from the same crude oil, but through a different process. Just like understanding the various fluids that are used in a car, it is imperative that you know about the differences between types of engine oils. Fully synthetic oil is distilled, refined, and purified to a level which ultimately results in individual molecules in the oil to up their performance in such a way that it perfectly fits the demand of a modern automobile. It also degrades at a slower rate and hence, it will have better performance than mineral oil.

Fully synthetic oils are necessary in newer vehicles with turbocharged engines as they operate at much higher temperature than standard engines. However, fully synthetic oil is also highly recommended for those cars that are frequently in start/stop traffic, regularly tow load etc. Fully synthetic oil is one such oil that will extend your engine’s life.

Benefits of fully synthetic oil

  • Fewer Impurities: Fully synthetic oil contains fewer impurities than mineral oil, so it is more environment friendly and helps in controlling carbon emissions.
  • Better Protection: Fully synthetic oil retains its engine protection for a longer time, particularly in extreme heat. Whereas mineral can break down and evaporate.
  • Better Fluid Mobility: The oil freely circulates and reaches everywhere as soon as the engine is started. But, when it comes to the conventional oil that is used, it takes its own time to start and let the oil reach its destination.

What is semi-synthetic oil?

Semi-synthetic oil is a mix of fully synthetic oil and conventional mineral oil. Although it cannot get higher levels of performance than fully synthetic oil, it performs better than the conventional mineral oil.  Price comparison of fully synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil shows you that the latter comes at a lower price. If you start using semi-synthetic oil instead of fully synthetic oil, your car won’t face any immediate or drastic effects. But using it for a long time will not let you enjoy the benefits of driving.

Getting an improved fuel economy will not be possible with semi-synthetic oil. Don’t get confused if somebody asks if you want synthetic blends or not. It means just the same as semi-synthetic oil. The blend is achieved by mixing with the right intensity and encompassing both high and low viscosity for high and low engine operating temperatures.

Benefits of semi-synthetic oil

  • Better Fuel Economy when compared to Mineral Oil: The low viscosity and low friction characteristics of the semi-synthetic oil offers an improved fuel economy for your vehicle.
  • Better Price: Like the best of both worlds, semi-synthetic oil offers the best of fully synthetic oil like lubricant life and improved viscosity at lower prices than the fully synthetic oil.
  • Better Engine Defense: This oil usually has better engine defense than other oils when it comes to higher temperatures and heavier loads.

No matter what oil it is that you use, always pay heed to the SAE value of the oil. It is issued for crankcase, transmission, and axel lubricants. The lower the number, the more readily the oil flows. If you are confused about the oil your car should use, visit Carcility. The experts will give you detailed advice on the engine oil that is perfect for your vehicle and other queries about your vehicle as well.

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