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Things you should definitely do after a Road Trip!

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The idea of going on a road trip sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? Be it with your friends or your family, a road trip definitely helps you clear your mind and become calm. After a long trip, your car is bound to wear out as  it will log in several hundred miles For your car to remain in good shape after a really long trip, it is imperative that you look into the following tips to keep it  healthy, clean and safe.

1. Clean your car thoroughly

Be it a 4WD or a normal vehicle, a deep cleaning is very much required for your car after a long drive. The desert sand, smoke from other vehicles and moisture can give your vehicle a dull look. 

It’s not just the exterior of the vehicle that has to be cleaned. The interior has to be given proper care as well. If you are planning to do the cleaning by yourself, make sure that you use good quality car care products only. This will ensure that your paint and interior is protected. If you’re still not satisfied, bring your car to Carcility, car service experts.

2. Check the tire treads

Tires are extremely important to a vehicle. Especially after a road trip if you do not check your tires, it can prove fatal to the next drive that you take. See if the tire treads or better, take the ‘penny test’ that will help you determine the efficacy of the treads. The tyre pressure has to be maintained at the manufacturer recommended limits Also check if it has become smoother than earlier and watch out for tyres cracks as well All these signs simply mean that it is time to change the tires. 

3. Check the fluid levels

This tip can prove helpful both before and after a road trip. Before going on a road trip, make sure that all the fluids in your car are topped up so that it doesn’t become the reason for any unnecessary breakdowns. Once you are back, check again to see if all fluids are ample enough for yet another drive. The essential fluids of your car includes  Engine Oil, Brake Oil, Transmission Oil, Steering Oil, Engine Coolant and Wiper fluid.

4. Check the battery of your car

If it’s the same battery you’ve been using for many years, make sure that you look at your battery’s condition before and after  a long trip. It may be that the battery would have worn out and can cause trouble for your car. If you see any signs or understand that the battery is malfunctioning, change the car’s battery as soon as possible. Carcility can provide you with Door-step battery change and inspection.

5. Remember to do car maintenance

No matter how much you care for your car after a road trip, it requires servicing and maintenance by the experts and technicians who can make your car absolutely perfect. You may have quality time during the journey, but it is a tiring time for your car. Therefore, after taking you around different places,  your vehicle deserves a complete car maintenance, which can not only improve driving safety and prepare for the next journey but can also save you  the possible expensive repair costs and avoid emergencies.

These are just some of the tips that have to be kept in mind after coming from a road trip. Cars  do play a role in making you comfortable and enjoy the ride. If that has to be long-lasting and perfect, you will have to take proper care of your vehicle. For expert advice and good mechanics, Carcility is a good option. 

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