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5 Times you know it’s time to Change the Wiper Blades

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Wipers are really important in cars. If there’s any gunk or dirt that gets stuck in your front shield, it is going to be really hard to drive. Visibility is an essential factor if you have to drive safely. If you feel like your wiper is not doing a good job or not running smooth enough, that simply means that it is time to change your wipers.

1. Rubber issues

Does the rubber on your wipers look torn, split, or cracked? This is a sign that tells you it is time to change your wipers. If it looks rounded, that also is a sign that the rubber on the wipers is really old and it’s time to get it changed.

2. Bent frames

The shape of your windshield wiper may become a little bent over time. This can happen due to several reasons. One major reason is the overuse of wipers. Another reason can be rough car washes. Such bent frames can result in improper cleaning of the windshield. Even though it looks like your frames are working perfectly, it will soon stop.

3. Windshield streaks

A very obvious sign that it’s time to change your wiper, if there are soap or water streaks left after cleaning, it is yet another indication that it is time to change your wiper blades. However, if you notice a grime or debris on your windshield even after a wash, it means that your wiper is dirty and that it has to be changed. Sometimes, cleaning your wiper with a paper towel might be enough, but to stay on the safe side, it might be better to replace the wiper blades.

4. Season changes

Even if your wiper blades are working perfectly fine, it is always better to be safe than sorry. During the harsh summers of Dubai, there are chances that a dust storm can result in a broken or torn rubber of the wiper. So, it’s better to use season-friendly wiper rather than generalised ones.

5. Weird sounds 

If your windshield is making a noise that’s awful and annoying, it’s just another reason for you to change your windshield. Not only is that sound irritating, that sound comes because the wiper’s not in contact with the glass half of the time. This can cause vision problems while you’re on the road. So, it’s easier to change the wiper shields.

Usually, car servicers in Dubai recommend that you change your windshield wipers every 6-12 months. Windshield wipers are made from rubber that’s degradable so that it works more effectively and doesn’t cause any further problems.

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