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5 Tips on Replacing a Car Battery in Dubai

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Car batteries are prone to damage after a few years of operation and hence they need to be replaced for optimum performance of the vehicle. You may have to avail the car service or car repair centers in Dubai for proper maintenance of the batteries. Here are five tips provided by the premium car service in Dubai, Carcility for replacing car battery:

  1. Battery Testing

All car batteries have to be tested from time to time to ensure that it is maintaining the voltage and keeping sufficient charge for smooth running of the vehicle. Normally, batteries survive for up to 38,000 kilometers or more. If you notice any symptom of weakening of battery, get it checked at a car service center in Dubai. Only through testing one can confirm whether a battery replacement is required. A fully charged battery will have a voltage of 12.6 volts or above and while the engine is running, the reading should be around 13.7 to 14.7 volts. Another indicator of weak battery is the less bright headlights and weak sound of the horn. If the lights get brighter on revving up the engine, then it means the alternator is producing electricity. As a rule, it is better to replace a weak battery than try to jump start it causing malfunctioning of the electrical system and engine. 

  1. Buying a New Battery

Always buy a new battery according to the specifications mentioned in the operation manual provided by the car manufacturer. There are different brands of batteries that come with maintenance free or maintenance tags. Go for a reputed brand that is known for quality and reliability. Ensure that the current/voltage ratings and the dimension matches the manufacturer recommendation

3.Replacement of Battery

Although replacement of battery may seem to be a simple affair, it is better to get the services of a battery replacement center in Dubai as wrongly connecting the terminals can lead to malfunctioning of the electrical system. And not properly fastening the battery can lead to problems in the smooth functioning of the vehicle. Therefore, if you are not thorough with battery replacement procedures, it is better to get it replaced at a car service center in Dubai. When a new battery is fitted, it is good to apply petroleum jelly to the terminals to lubricate them. It helps prevent corrosion and long life for the battery and properly functioning electrical system. Petroleum jelly repels water and prevents moisture build up.  

  1. First Drive

The first drive after replacement should be a short one. Drive a short distance to ensure that everything is working perfectly. The battery may require time to get charged and running properly and if you drive more miles, there is a risk of damaging the alternator. It is this device that helps generate electricity in the car. Check the lights and other electrical functions to see whether it is working perfectly when the engine is switched off.

  1. Recycle Old Battery

The lead acid battery is recyclable upto 99% and hence it is better to give your old batteries replaced with new ones to a recycling centre. It also ensures that they are properly disposed of and doesn’t cause damage to the environment or people.

A car battery is indeed a vital component helping the vehicle perform at optimum capacity and hence periodic maintenance and care will go a long way in enhancing the life of a car battery. Fortunately, there are car service centres in Dubai that provide car battery service and car battery replacement at affordable costs at car repair facilities in Dubai.  BMW battery replacement is available at the premium car service centre, Carcility in Dubai.