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Two Types of Car Air Conditioning Systems

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Air conditioning systems are an integral part of your vehicle. Even though we use it on a daily basis, the majority of us lack clarity about the functioning of the AC system. Lets discuss the Car AC system and types of Car AC Systems.

There are two types of air conditioning systems used in cars. One type uses the expansion valve system to lower the refrigerant pressure while the other uses the orifice tube. Carcility –  the best Car A/c repair service in Dubai have the expertise to repair and maintain different types of ACs. 

Let’s understand the working of the two types of Air-Conditioning systems:

The air conditioning system in cars works by transitioning the AC Gas/AC Freon between liquid and gaseous state. This state transition helps in absorption of heat and humidity from the vehicle and provides cool and dry air.

Let us first discuss how the Expansion valve system works.  The expansion valve system goes through a 4-stage process to cool the inside of the vehicle. In the first stage, the compressor takes in low-pressure refrigerant from the evaporator. It is compressed into high pressure refrigerant vapour. Thereafter it is carried to the condenser. 

The condenser receives the hot high pressure refrigerant vapour and is forced down through the tubes of the special heat exchanger, this is stage-2. The refrigerant vapour absorbs the heat from inside the car and the compression process which is then released into the atmosphere. The temperature of the refrigerant at the bottom of the condenser is relatively lower than the top.  The vapour condenses as temperature is lower. This is released from the bottom of the condenser in the form of a high-pressure liquid refrigerant. 

In stage three, the refrigerant vapour in the condenser is cooled by a fan that blows across the fins of the condenser. Therefore, even when the car is not running, it is cooled by the fan blowing air across it.

In the final stage, in the expansion valve, high pressure liquid refrigerant goes into the receiver/dryer and some of it enters the evaporator.  The expansion valve moderates the temperature of the refrigerant vapour that goes out of the evaporator. It also controls the amount of liquid refrigerant that comes into the evaporator so that complete evaporation of the refrigerant takes place.

Single Orifice Tube

The single orifice tube system also functions more or less similarly as the expansion valve system. However, in this system, instead of an expansion valve, a fixed orifice tube is used in stage four to control the entry of high-pressure liquid refrigerant into the evaporator. The drier is placed after the evaporator instead of being in front of the orifice tube.  The orifice tube is of a fixed size and cannot examine whether refrigerant leaving the evaporator has been completely vaporized.  When it enters the drier, it is allowed to evaporate completely before being forced into the compressor. The drying process also takes place at this stage. The dryer is positioned strategically as presence of liquid detergent would damage the compressor.

Although there is a difference in the process of cooling in the expansion valve model and single orifice model, both of them are designed to perform optimally under any temperature conditions. An awareness of how the AC functions helps in knowing whether there is some problem with the AC functioning. It also helps in identifying possible malfunctioning and getting help from a car AC repair center in Dubai.

AC Maintenance

Carcility – Car Service Centers and Car AC repair and maintenance service centers have trained and experienced technicians who understand the working of the car air conditioners and troubleshoot or diagnose problems quickly. As is evident from the cooling process used by both expansion valve and orifice, the air conditioning is a tough work horse. It does several works simultaneously to ensure that passengers are comfortable inside the car while it may be scorching heat outside. 

If you require AC repair or maintenance services in Dubai and are wondering about a ‘garage near me’, Carcility is your choice for all car repair and Car AC repair in Emirates. Whatever be your car or car AC systems, Carcility has the expertise to provide solutions for every problem you may encounter.