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5 Tips to Maintain Your Car Battery During Summer in Dubai

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When the temperature soars in summer to 50 degrees centigrade in Dubai, there is an excessive load on car batteries which has to work harder to power the air conditioners. This may lower their performance and reduce their life.  However, there is no reason to panic or be concerned, as the following five tips provided by a premium auto repair center, Carcility in Dubai can help maintain your car battery in good condition.

1. Park in the Shade

Try to park the car under a covered parking lot whenever possible. Exposure to direct sunlight causes the hood to heat up quickly, which increases the workload of the air conditioner as well as the battery. Parking in the shade helps the car battery to get an extended life.

2. Battery Terminals

Dirt and corrosion found on battery terminals can lead to draining of power at a faster rate. Dirt or corrosion can act as conductors leading to breaking of circuits in the car terminal. This will eventually lead to battery failure. The terminals can be cleaned using recommended cleaning agents and a battery terminal brush. Use of anti-corrosion sprays and terminal protectors will also help extend the battery life.

3. Prevent Idling

Keeping the car unused for long lengths of time can reduce the battery life as the charge gets drained rapidly. It should be used at least once weekly to keep the engine and battery in good condition.

4. Avoid Short Trips

Frequent starting and stopping of the engine doesn’t give enough time for the alternator to recharge and hence the battery life span will be reduced. However, covering long distances helps provide enough time for recharging of the alternator.

5. Battery Maintenance

Periodically take your car to a mechanic to check the voltage and corrosion or add distilled water to keep the cells in good condition. Such routine tests help you to maintain the battery condition at optimum level.

The car battery should be fastened properly to prevent damage due to vibration or shaking of the car on bumpy roads. If it is not securely fastened, the battery life may be affected due to damage to interior parts or from short circuits. Car batteries should ideally be replaced every three years especially if the terminals are corroded or the battery has turned weak and showing low voltage levels. Always ensure to get a proper car replacement battery when the old one wears out and no longer can be put into service. 

Once the engine is turned off, switch all the lights inside the vehicle and outside to prevent drainage of battery power. It includes headlights, parking lights and interior lights as well as indicators. Inspect all the lights after the doors are locked to ensure that none of them is functioning.  It is better to switch off the electronic systems such as stereos or radio and charging units to avoid loss of battery power.  

Replacing the battery frequently might turn out to be expensive. Therefore, adherence to simple tips given in this article that can help you save money and ensure long life for your car battery. Loss of battery power leads to less than optimum performance of the engine and cooling systems.

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