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5 Warning Lights that you should never Ignore – Dubai

5 Warning Lights that you should never Ignore Dubai
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If you are the proud owner of a vehicle, then you should definitely know about the warning lights that will pop up on your car’s dashboard when something is about to go wrong. As a responsible driver, try and pay attention to the dashboard warning lights in your automobile. Be smart and never ignore the car dashboard warning lights.

Here are 5 types of light symbols and common car warning symbols that you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Engine Warning Lights

The engine warning lights are one of the most common lights that you have to know about. If this warning light sparks up, it means that there might be several problems. From something simple like a loose gas cap to something serious like a converter problem, when the engine warning lights up, it can mean many things.

2. Battery Light

When the batter light symbol pops up, it just means that your car battery is not getting charged. Now this can happen due to various reasons like loose or corroded terminal cables, poor condition of battery cell/cells or a malfunctioning alternator. Your vehicle won’t abruptly stop because of this, but it won’t run for very long smoothly. You will ultimately be left with no power to even restart your engine. When this warning light comes on, quickly take your car to a repair shop or someplace safe. Once you have parked the vehicle at a safe place, look at loose terminals or the status indicator in the battery (if any). Car service providers like Carcility can help you with roadside assistance for a jumpstart or a battery replacement if necessary.

3. Brake Warning Light

One of the most critical warning lights that can be noticed as a part of the dashboard warning lights, the brake warning light can mean one of many problems. If you have not pulled your hand brake or foot brake all the way down, then this light will start blinking. For it to stop, you will just have to push the brake down. Another serious issue can be that you are low on brake fluid. Low brake fluid is a direct indication that either your brake pads have worn out, wherein you will have to install new brake pads immediately, or there is a massive leak of brake oil in your system. The final problem can be associated with the automatic brake system (ABS). If at all the ABS is the problem then you will have to take quick and fast action.

4. Airbag Warning Light

Most of the people feel that this particular warning light is not important, but in fact, it is. If this light symbol comes on your dashboard, you will have to take some course of action. First off, there’s a possibility that your airbags may not deploy in the course of an accident if this car warning light is on. on. There is no one stop button to turn off this warning light. You should consult an expert to run a check and find out the reason behind the light. In general, the Airbag warning light will pop up because:

  • The seat belts are not On.
  • Faulty Sensor
  • Damaged Airbag Clock Spring
  • Dead battery

No matter what the reason may be, get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

5. Coolant Warning Light

If you see the coolant warning light come on, it means that your car is now at a temperature that is risky and unsafe. Stop your car right away and allow it to cool down. After inspection if you see that the coolant level is low, then fill it up to the desired limit. Also check for any leaks. If the light is on, then you also have to check the radiator cap and fan it for cooling it down. Do not open the radiator cap when it is hot. Allow the engine to cool down and only then open the radiator. If your vehicle overheats, it can result in smoke coming from your engine. Even after all the above-mentioned basic checks, if the car temperature remains high, it is recommended to tow the vehicle to your nearest car service center. Carcility has service centers all across Dubai.

These are some of the car warning lights that you should never fail to ignore. There are many types of warning lights. But there are some that are more important than the others. In Dubai, UAE, Carcility is one such service expert who can help you if a dashboard warning light pops up. They are professionals who can help you with any issues.

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