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The Do’s and Don’ts of Night Driving in Dubai

Do's and Don't in Night Driving in Dubai
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Are Night Drives safe in Dubai? 

A risky concept on its own, driving in the night is definitely not meant for the light-hearted. With an increase in the proneness to accidents and other misfortunes, one has to be extremely careful while driving in the night. An inexperienced driver should never go on a night-drive until and unless he or she is sure of the risks that are involved. Many people are interested in travelling in the night as the traffic during this time is less. But what they don’t realize is that reduced visibility in the night can lead to an inability to judge distance and speed properly. This is just one of the many problems that you may face. But, for all of you who love driving in the night, here are some safety tips for driving at night.

1. Know your Distance

Driving in the night can result in an inability to judge distance properly. This, in turn, can pave the way for tailgating. Tailgating is an offense and has been the cause of many accidents in the past few years in UAE. We cannot stress enough about the need to maintain a safe distance with other vehicles while driving in the night. Keeping a safe distance can help you in having better control of your automobile in case an issue arises. Sudden braking, unexpected lane changes , sleepy drivers, blurred vision and animal crossing are the major cause of accidents at night. Maintaining a safe distance and a moderate speed can save you from a lot of troubles on the road at night.

2. Stay Awake

Late-night driving is always risky and not easy. So, falling asleep is a major obstacle that you will have to overcome to reduce the increased risk of accidents while driving at night. If you’re embarking on a road trip late at night, make sure that your body is fully rested and you are fresh to drive till the morning. If at all you feel sleepy, let your co-passenger drive the vehicle (if he/she has got a license and is not feeling sleepy). If you are driving alone, ensure you park your vehicle away from the highway and get some sleep. Drowsy driving puts the life of people on the road at risk. 

3. Over-dazzle is not good

One of the main safety tips for driving in the dark, is to not dazzle more than enough. It is imperative to drive with a high beam on when driving through uninhabited roads. But, if you see somebody driving at you, dim the light so that an accident doesn’t occur. Also, if a driver dazzles you, do not look directly at the headlights, keep your eyes on the road. This will help you reduce the impact of the bright light on your driving.

4. Have a clean Vision

Dirty windshields can fog up your view and reduce your visibility.  Mist, dust and foggy atmosphere will cause severe deposits in the windshield that will hinder your vision especially during the night. Make sure that you clean and dry  your windshield before heading for a night drive. A fresh set of  wiper blades will give you a good swipe and better vision if the windshield gets dirty.  An unclean windshield can also cast a glare into oncoming drivers. 

5. Eye-care is important

Get your eyes checked every once in a while, so that you know that you can see well when you’re on a drive. If there’s any problem with your vision, rectify the problem immediately. Use corrective lenses/glasses if required. Especially when you are driving at night, make sure that your vision is safe enough for late-night driving. People with conditions like Nyctalopia (Night Blindness) should be extra cautious while driving at night or in places with insufficient light.

Apart from this, your car also needs to be serviced and perfect ‘drivable’ when going on late-night drives. A mid way break down is the last thing that you want when you are on a night drive. Drive into any of our registered workshops in UAE and  get your vehicle inspected before heading for a drive. We provide top of the notch services at affordable prices.

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