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8 Ways To Reduce Your Car Service Bills in Dubai

Car Service Cost in Dubai
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Your car servicing bill talks a great deal about how you maintain your car. Nobody likes huge digits when it comes to paying bills but most of the times we blame our car for being a bad sport. Timely care plays a vital role in cutting down your service bills at the service center.

Here are 8 preventive measures to keep the car service cost low.

    1. Schedule Schedule!

      Schedule Car Maintenance

We usually plan everything in our lives from what to wear to where to have dinner. Why not keep a check on the servicing schedule of your car? Every car’s manual has a service schedule and if you stick to that, you cut down the chances of making surprise visits to the service center.

Regularly replacing oil and filters is critical to ensure that all the engine and transmission parts stay lubricated. This will help you avoid overheating. We tend to forget that dust, dirt, and debris lead to corrosion and reduces the life of your engine. It’s the simplest trick and that’s why the easiest to forget.

    1. The Oil Treat

Car Engine Oil Maintenance

Changing the oil regularly is a wise decision that you will never applaud yourself for. But it actually saves you a great deal of trouble and money. Use an energy-conserving oil that will also increase the car mileage by 1-2% and try to avoid using semi-synthetic oils. Better oil can increase the lifetime of your engine since less energy is consumed in the movement of the parts. You can also check for the recommended oil for your car and stick to that. The mantra is – The smoother the oil, the healthier your car.

    1. Share the burden – Rotate

Tyre Rotation Check Up

This one is an easy tip for the tire trouble. Due to a lot of turning it’s the front tyres that suffer all the wear and tear. Exchanging the front ones with rear tires will even out the work and make the tires last longer. You can also get them rotated at a petrol station.

    1. Clutch Care

Car Clutch Care to Reduce Service Bill

Drivers usually tend to leave their foot on the clutch which results in faster wear and tear of the clutch. Properly pressing the clutch and releasing it when not in use can really lower your car service bill. Shifting the gears properly is another skill that is not given much credit but can either save the car or ruin it.

    1. Finding the right craftsman

Car Repair Craftsman

An auto mechanic is not much different than a surgeon because a messily done job can leave you with many follow-up visits. Find the right man to trust your car with and really build a relationship. Changing your service center every other day is one reason your car could end up in bad shape. You can search for the right craftsman on Carcility according to your location, time preference, or quotes.

    1. Not all by yourself

Car Repair Byself

Of course, there are things that you can fix all by yourself, but sadly not everything. Changing the wiper blades, fuses and lights are easy tasks that you can take up for yourself but leave the rest to the professionals because a minor fault on your part can cost you big. Filter, brake pad, and car oil changes are some things you need to get done regularly but don’t hesitate to bring an expert on board.

    1. Discounts and Warranty

Discount and Warranty on Car Service

A lot of service providers have promotional deals out. Especially, around the festive season. Keep an eye out for such announcements and check your warranty regularly. You should also be aware of what is covered in your warranty because sometimes, the service providers can take you for a ride.

    1. Insurance Matters

Car Insurance

Insurance can be one of the most expensive costs that you have to pay while owning a car. In cases of a collision or a major breakdown of car parts, it can really come as a savior but paying the huge amount every month can be burdensome. So, just as you carefully choose the right car, it’s important to choose the right insurance package and not overdo it.

Ways to reduce car service bills and cost in Dubai

These were the 8 reminders that you need to set to keep your car maintenance cost in control. But, there are hidden costs that your mechanic informs you about after the job is done. And since you’re not a professional, your argument falls slightly weak. Carcility gives you a way to know the cost before you choose the car service center. You can see all the quotes for the service you need and leave no scope for the car service bill to take you by surprise.