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BMW Car Maintenance in Dubai: How to Keep Your BMW Car Running Like New

BMW Maintenance Tips
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The BMW of your dreams is finally with you, and you need to get proper car maintenance in Dubai and care done for its longer life. 

There are some components of a car that will need more attention than others and taking proper care, attending to their regular maintenance schedule will keep your BMW’s looking like new and running smoothly for long.

Ignoring regular maintenance or repair needs might result in you ending up with your BMW car repair or BMW car servicing demand that’ll burn a hole in your pocket! You would definitely don’t want that. 

Following are the maintenance checkpoints that will help you keep your BMW running like new:

  • Engine Check

It would be best if you did not wait for the warning lights to bring your engine’s condition to your notice. Needless to say that your BMW’s engine is one of its most crucial parts. You can get your car’s engine inspected annually to ensure its proper running as any damage to it might cause more significant problems. Your engine issue might seem small but can be a cause for major inconvenience.

Some of the parts of your BMW, like oil filters, air-conditioning system, coolant system, brake cylinders, suspension etc. require regular monitoring and if necessary, general car maintenance. It is not advisable to get your manufacturer’s parts replaced with aftermarket products. It is always advisable to get your vehicle fixed by the agency themselves (if under warranty) or approach skilled and trusted service centers like Carcility who have the expertise to fix your BMW. Always make sure that all the repairs are done using genuine spare parts.

  •  Tyres

Your BMW car tires are the primary contact to the roads taking you to your destination. You not paying proper attention to your car tires, driving a poorly maintained one, or having an underinflated tyre on the road can risk in highly dangerous situations. Make sure that you get your BMW car tires properly inspected and undertake certain tips that will ensure your tire’s proper care. These include regular tire rotation with balancing and alignment.

All four tyres of your car are not exposed to equal wear and tear.  It is widely seen that the front tires get worn off easily as they are exposed to more weight and power. Tyre rotation will help you solve this problem. Getting your front tires rotated with the rear ones for every 3000 to 6000 miles covered will provide for its equal care and proper BMW maintenance.

  • Car’s Overall Cleanliness

Your car’s cleanliness is much more important than you think. This cleanliness does not limit to the car’s exterior or the interior only. Every single detail of your BMW car is unique and requires proper care and maintenance. Pay attention to every nook and corner of your BMW, starting from the outermost surface paint, to the interior’s floor carpets. 

Make sure that you keep both the exteriors and interiors dirt-free. Whether it is your BMW’s cabin or upholstery, keep your interior’s quality and shine protected from any damage. The damages caused by impurities like dust, grim and other waste particles increase over time. But keeping your BMW’s interiors and exteriors dust-free, and following a proper car wash or detailing schedule will undoubtedly keep it running for long. It would be best if you also got your BMW waxed and polished regularly to maintain its aesthetic appeal and overall look.

  • Brakes

You ride your BMW with style, but it is essential that you also have a sound control over it. Brakes inspection form a critical component of your BMW repair and maintenance plan. A typical property of most BMW model’s brake fluids is that these have chemical elements that make them hygroscopic in nature; implying that they tend to absorb moisture from the air readily. As a result of this property, you should keep inspecting the brake system and ensure to change the brake fluids every two years.

  • Steering System

Your steering system helps you maintain the right control over your car. Like your brake fluids, your steering fluids too will need periodic replacement. You can get the steering fluid flushed every 50000 miles to prevent it’s over-contamination from causing additional control and safety issues.

  • Oil Change

Follow your owner’s manual to take note of the suggested oil change interval required for your BMW car. Your car’s unattended, dirty oil might cause the pistons to wear, and similar damage to other parts of the engine. The BMW car parts are highly expensive, scarce, and extremely difficult to get the original model’s equivalent replacement.  

  • Driving Safe

One of the most overlooked car maintenance requirements is ascertaining that there is no damage done to the vehicle itself. Driving safe is among the vital pieces of advice for everyone reading this. Harsh or reckless driving will not only harm your car, risking it to wear and tear, or greater damage but might also put your’s and your fellow passenger’s lives at risk. 

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