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Car Sanitization- Does my car need it?

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A clean germ-free environment is a necessity even in your car. The insides of your car too need to be clean to provide an infection-free, healthy, and pleasant driving experience for passengers. Most importantly it is a health-safety measure that is critical in the present days.  You may avail the services of your nearest car wash or car service in Dubai to keep your vehicle sanitized and safe for travel.

Here are the reasons why your car needs sanitization.

Germ Free:  Your car interiors may have mud, dirt, moisture that gets accumulated in the carpet, seat fabric, dashboard and other places. Spill-over of food and beverages, your pet’s hair,  may all cause a bad odour. When interiors are not kept clean, pathogens, bacteria, viruses may grow which may cause allergies and infection in passengers. 

Freshness: Freshness is dependent on cleanliness. The AC vents also serve as a passage for bacteria and viruses as dirt and moisture is absorbed from outside. The AC vents have to be cleaned periodically so that only fresh air gets circulated inside the car.  Ozone sanitization can help neutralise bacteria and viruses, removes bad odours and repels infesting insects. 

Exterior Protection:

Car sanitization is not about interiors alone. Moisture, dirt and oil can cause damage to paints, metal parts in the exterior, bottom and also inside the hood. Anti-microbial coating can be provided with UV coating and polishing that repels bird drop, salt and acids rain, heat and moisture to keep the exteriors smooth and rust free. Carcility, the car maintenance care in Dubai provides quality car sanitization services.

Keep the Shine:

Windscreen, windows, headlights and tail lights will be clear and enable proper visibility only when it is clean. Water and cleaning solutions are used to clean the windscreen and windows which enable proper visibility.  

Important Areas:

Door handles, steering wheel, upholstery, arm rests are all places that are susceptible to microbes and germs. Vacuum cleaning the interior using a handheld vacuum cleaner can keep the cabin spotless. Cleaning has to be done underneath the seat, between the seat, the inner console, and the seat track rails. Upholstery cleaning is done using shampoo and clean water. Foam sponge, absorbent cloth are used to clear the dirt and stains to keep the leather or resin looking fresh. The inside of the doors also absorb dirt. The elbow rest is also vulnerable to dirt and moisture. You may utilize the services of the garage near you in Dubai, to sanitize your car.

Regular car wash, interior cleaning and sanitization helps in keeping the car clean and fresh. It also helps prevent odour, bacteria and viruses that may cause allergies and infection in passengers. In short, car sanitization is good to maintain the freshness of the car inside and outside but also prevent rusting and damage to parts. 

New technologies and devices make it easier for keeping the car sanitized. Ozone sanitization, anti-microbial smoke sanitization, UV coating and other modern techniques can be used to keep your car germ free and ensure freshness with every ride. Carcility, the car service in Dubai provides the entire range of cleaning and sanitization services for your vehicle.