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Tips & Tricks: How To Detail Your Car’s Exterior Like A Pro

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Car detailing involves deep cleaning of the car exteriors and interiors to maintain the shine of the vehicle. Detailing helps remove contaminants and corrosive materials that spoil the look of your car and prevent rusting.  Your car exterior can be spoiled by contaminants such as fresh bird droppings, dust, tree sap mist, industrial fallout, road film and over spray.

Carcility, the leading car maintenance service in Dubai, shares some tips and tricks for detailing your car like a pro:

Car detailing requires the use of detergents, wash mitts for scrubbing and more importantly patience to work tirelessly to attain the required finish for the vehicle. 

The first step in detailing is to hand wash the car with a high-quality car wash detergent. Use the right proportion of detergent and water. Begin with the tyres as it holds the most dirt in the vehicle, a pressure washer or garden hose may be used to spray clean water to clear off dirt on the surface. Avoid using a the sponge as their large pores hold dirt. This will cause scratches on the surface as you scrub the car.  Instead of a sponge, use a microfibre car wash mitt that doesn’t hold dirt when rinsed.  Microfibre mitt is useful for waxing the surfaces, chrome wheels, windows and metal parts. It is also safe for cleaning the interior surfaces made of leather, plastic, vinyl or wood.

Warm water may be used to rinse the surface after applying detergent. It has to be thoroughly rinsed until no more suds are present on the surface.

You will require two buckets for washing the car. One to keep soapy water and the other clean water. After cleaning the surface with detergent, the mitt has to be soaked in clean water to prevent dirt from contaminating the detergent solution.

The windshield and the windows have to be cleaned thoroughly to improve visibility while driving. A foaming glass cleaner can be used to clear off residues, dirt and grease. Wipe it with a clean microfibre cloth, first in a vertical motion and then in a horizontal motion. Best results are obtained when the glass cleaner is sprayed on the cloth and windows are wiped with the dampened cloth.

Waxing provides a protective coat to the exterior paint as it protects the surface from harmful UV rays and helps maintain the shine of the vehicle for a longer time.  

Do’s and Don’ts for Detailing

  1. Never use a dishwasher detergent for cleaning exterior car surfaces as they are very strong and may cause peeling of the surf. Dishwashing liquids are strong because they have to work on hard oily surfaces and clean food materials sticking on to vessels.
  2. Never use old t-shirts or banian cloth to clean exterior surfaces as it can lead to scratches and damage to smooth automotive paint. Use a car mitt for better results.
  3. Start scrubbing the least dirty parts first before going to areas requiring thorough cleaning.

If car detailing appears to be a tough and tiresome job for you, Carcility, the Car Maintenance facility in Dubai, offers car detailing services. Carcility offers an entire range of car wash services such as hand wash, steam wash, automatic car wash services across Dubai.