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Carcility offers amazing year-end car service packages

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A New Year is approaching and your mind is filled with expectations and hope. This is also the time when you need to keep your car in good condition for a long road trip or for small outings. 

Carcility, the leading car service in Dubai, has some amazing year-end car service offers for you. It includes minor service packages, discounts on premium car tyres, free car washes, and discounts for exterior detailing, and interior detailing. Why think and wait, is it the right time to avail these exciting offers?

Minor Services Packages
We have one offer each for four-cylinder, six-cylinder and eight-cylinder cars. For 4 -cylinder cars, the package costs Dhs. 250 and includes engine oil change (5W30-10,000 KM Oil), oil filter changes, air filter cleaning, A/C filter cleaning, brakes inspection, wheel alignment check-up, standard computer check-up, all fluid-top up and two freebies- free car wash, car pickup and drop off.

For 6-cylinder cars the package cost is Dhs. 350 while for 8-cylinder cars, the package cost is Dhs 450. All brands of cars are serviced under the minor service packages- Japanese, British, American, French, German, Swedish and others.

Avail these amazing offers at Carcility, the garage near you.

Premium Car Tyres

Perhaps, it may be the right time to change your tires. Go for quality tyres to increase mileage and ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Carcility, the car maintenance service in Dubai has some amazing offers for tyre replacement. Buy four new tyres of any brand at a discounted price of 20%. The freebies include free alignment, free nitrogen gas fill, balancing, fitting and tyre rotation every 10,000 km. The products are under warranty for one year.

Free Car Washes

Car exterior and interiors need to be kept clean and sanitized all the time to maintain the shine. Carcility, the car service in Dubai, offers one free car wash for every five car washes. The package includes, a full car body wash, interior vacuum, dust wiping & cleaning, tire wash, tissue pack, trash bag & floor mat casing.

Exterior Detailing-50% off

Exterior detail is an intricate job that requires high-pressure cleaning, removing stains, grease, and dust to keep the pain shining. It also involves removing dust and grease from the wheels and tyres. Windshields and windows have to be thoroughly cleaned to give a clear view of the outside. When exterior detailing is done by a pro, the car always looks factory-fresh. It also prevents the car from rusting and corrosion.

Interior Detailing-50% off

After every car trip, dust, food particles, moisture, and pet debris gets accumulated in the seats, floor and carpets. Frequently touched parts such as handles, steering, and hand rests are all potential areas for spreading bacteria and viruses. Interior detailing ensures the interiors are clean, and fresh and provides a feeling of goodness for passengers.
Both interior and exterior detailing packages come with a 50% discount. For interior detailing, a free car wash is provided as a New Year gift for our customers.

To avail the best car service, quality car accessories, car wash and repair services, Carcility, the car service in Dubai, offers affordable packages and quality service to make care ownership stress free and happy.