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Your Guide to Car Tinting in Dubai

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Getting our cars tinted to protect ourselves from the hot climate of Dubai seems an absolute necessity. Car tinting is the application of a thin laminate black film on your car’s glass. There are a few misconceptions in people’s minds when it comes to what car tinting is and how beneficial the feature is for them.

Before going to get your car tinted, you must be aware of the rules and regulations that follow. UAE has allowed a maximum tinting level for its vehicles and anything beyond that would follow consequences. Keep the apprehensions at bay with facts about laws on the permissible tinting levels in Dubai and the fine applied on the violation.

Car tinting has proven to be useful for several different reasons. These include:

  • Blocking the sun’s heat – the car’s tint acts as a protective shield by absorbing the sun’s rays that fall on it, in turn limiting the heat that reaches the vehicle’s interiors.
  • Blocking harmful rays -As the harmful rays get blocked, the window tint prevents the interiors from the associated damage, like the car seats and dashboard’s colour fading, in turn helping to preserve its quality for long. 
  • Maintain your privacy – Car tinting will help in maintaining your privacy and also from criminal acts of theft because of the reduced visibility from outside.

What Kind of Tint Is Best for Cars? 

A thermoplastic polymer resin compound, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is used in the manufacturing of most common tint types. Their excellent heat absorption power is useful in providing thermal insulation as required. The common types of tinting films used in the UAE include the ceramic, carbon nanofiber varieties, metallic and non-metallic coatings, each having a distinct composition, quality and price. The effectiveness of each of the types varies on the brand and its specifications. The 3M Crystalline window tint is known to efficiently block up to 97 percent of infrared rays and 99.9 percent of UV rays.

There are several types of tints that you can choose from. The tint’s heat reduction property comes not from its blocking power but from the amount of heat it can absorb.

Car Tinting Laws in UAE 

The UAE’s car rules on window tinting are aimed to ensure maximum safety and security of the citizens.

VLT or the Visual Light Transmission is the amount of light that is seen passing through the glass. With the purchase from the manufacturer, your car might have come with an existing shade of tint. Whatever the percentage be, your total window tinting percentage (manufacturer’s+added) should not exceed 50%. Earlier a 30% Visual Light Transmission was permitted under the UAE law. But taking into account the extreme weather conditions of Dubai, the 2017 regulations amendment, raised the tinting percentage, after which one can have their car’s VLT limit to 50%. Your window tint and factory glass tint percentage must be less or equal to 50 per cent.

The law also states that window tinting on vehicles is permitted on the side and rear windows, only, exempting frontal glasses. There is a strict prohibition on heavy vehicles to get their car’s tinted.

Failure to comply with the law might result in a fine of AED 500 along with vehicle confiscation for 30 days!

Regardless of the driver’s gender, the rule is applicable to all. There are exemptions for only specific cases where the driver has a certain medical condition (eye or skin condition), that makes him sensitive to the sun’s heat or rays. There is a very strict procedure followed, and approval from the Dubai Police or the Roads and Transport Authority is rare unless a licensed medical practitioner validates the condition.  The UAE law also notes that only the vehicles registered under an individual (not a company’s) can get their car windows tinted. 

How much does it cost to get car windows tinted?

The car tinting cost in Dubai might add up to AED 1000 to AED 1500 depending on the type of the vehicle (small sedan, medium SUV). For large SUVs the average cost might range somewhere between AED 1500 to AED 2000, depending on the type, material and the brand of tinting film selected. 

The price is also based on the auto service centre from which you get the car tinting done. Do not attempt to take the application in your hands. A bad tinting job with a poor tinting choice or an incorrect application might result in additional costs for damage repairs. It is always advisable to leave the job to the hands of the best professionals like Carcility and stay relaxed. 

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