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6 Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance Services That Can Help Extend Its Life

Vehicle maintenance service
Car maintenance

We are all aware of the regular practices where each one of us tends to ignore our vehicle maintenance calls until getting hit by a breakdown in one form or the other. Even though we try to stick to the manufacturer recommended maintenance plan we often overlook certain vehicle services that are crucial. Taking good care of these services can very much help in improving the life and smooth running of your vehicle.

Most car owners often ignore several services until it’s too late. Our car servicing should necessarily take the top spot on our to-do list, always!

What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done on a Car?

People tend to delay services till the maximum time possible, but what we fail to apprehend is the damage caused as you overlook the vehicle maintenance requirement.

Following are the regular car services that must be taken proper care of

    Wheel alignment service

  1. Wheel Alignment

    Wheel alignment comes under the few of the most overlooked vehicle maintenance. To a large extent this happens because we fail to understand the criticality of the service. 

    Your wheel alignment forms an essential component of the overall suspension and car control. A faulty alignment will not only lead to uneven and premature wearing of the tires (due to varying exposure),  it also causes vehicle imbalance that will put your life at risk on the road.   Most of the mechanics recommend an annual alignment check. This will ensure a safer ride and extended tyre life.

    Car washing service

  2. Car Wash & Detailing

    Keeping your car clean will not only make it look better but help in improving its performance as well. This is because whether it is your dashboard screen or the upholstery, when dirt, grime and other impurities accumulate on a part for long, they start degrading the part’s surface and its functionality.  The same applies with your under body and engine bay as well.

    Make sure that you wash and clean both the interiors and exteriors regularly to have a dirt-free look and proper functionality. You should maintain a schedule to get your car wash and detailing done at least once in every six months. 

    People have doubts about the difference between a car wash and car detail. Worry not! As for whether it is a car wash or car detailing service, all you need is a quick tap on your phone, and you have Carcility ready for your car’s complete hassle-free care.

    Car battery maintenance

  3. Car Battery

  4. When it comes to your car, the battery maintenance is absolutely crucial. Your car’s battery is one of the essential components that drive its performance, keeps all its electrical components running, including the alternator. Get your car battery regularly tested to avoid missed damages from extreme weather conditions. Periodic checks for corroded terminals or deterioration and leaks will help ensure the battery’s longer life.

    Power steering service

  5. Power Steering Service

  6. The power steering houses the power steering fluid which is a type of hydraulic fluid that helps to transmit power from steering wheel to the steering mechanism and acts as a lubricant for all the moving parts in the steering mechanism. Over time, with usage, this fluid accumulates dirt, moisture and other impurities which get clogged and eventually lead the steering system to get jammed or cause complete mechanical failure. Periodic flushing of the fluid and proper checks will ensure the car’s power steering system’s smooth functioning. Power steering services is one of the most overlooked services for vehicles.

    Car differential service

  7. Differential Service

  8. The differential service is what allows your car’s outside wheel to keep pace with the inner wheels. It transfers input from the transmission to the wheels, by splitting the power from the torque and sending power to the tires. But what is observed is that over time as the gear oil breaks down, it reduces its capacity to lubricate the differential and other wheel bearings. Both, the transfer case and the differential fluids are often overlooked and repairing the damages resulting from their low maintenance comes as an expensive affair.

    Car oil and fluid check

  9. Oil & Other Fluids Check

  10. While many of the drivers try to keep track of regular car oil change needs, they miss several different types of fluids that come with a wide range of functionality and demand regular checks as well. These various other fluids include the transmission fluid, power steering, brake fluid, coolants, etc.

    It is necessary that we take proper care of the fluids and in turn, let them take care of the respective functions. You can follow your owner’s manual for specifications on each of their separate functions and the periodic replacement needs.

    Your car’s motor oil lubricates the engine and all its associated parts. It oils the internal combustion engines keeping them friction-free, which reduces the resulting wear and tear caused by their continuous movements. With time, dirt can get accumulated in the car parts, which, in turn, might decrease their lifespan. Changing the car oil regularly as recommended will clear off the sludge and filter the dirt, resulting in increased engine output and overall car performance.  Steering, brake fluid and the coolant levels have to be checked on regular intervals as the lack of these fluids can cause severe damages to car components.

Seek a professional for not only your car’s oil change but other overlooked vehicle maintenance and services mentioned above, and release yourself of the worry to manage the act. If you’re a resident in the UAE and are looking for the best car service providers, visit Carcility for all your car repair, maintenance and car care needs. Visit our website and get all your car care queries resolved. Schedule your required service request, and get instant quotes from the best service workshops in the region. Experience the zero-hassle car service experience with Carcility!

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