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Carcility Car Service Offer in Dubai

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Carcility is back with a brand-new offer! The car service experts are introducing a service offer up to 50%*!  With an offer like this, make sure that you do not miss out. But now you would be thinking, what does the service offer entail? Is there anything that benefits my car? Of course, there is! Wait a second while I explain it to you. 

The service offer includes:

1. Engine oil replacement (Fully Synthetic,10,000 km Oil)

Why should the engine oil be replaced? What are the consequences if it is not done routinely? The basic thing is that not changing your engine oil can lead to a build up of dirt and sludge in the engine. This can then lead to rusting or damaging of other parts in the engine. Not changing the engine oil routinely can also emit an odor and smoke as well. Depending on the model and make of your car, the oil has to be changed.

2. Oil filter replacement

Usually, the oil filters are replaced when the oil is changed. But that depends on the vehicle you are using. Oil filters are changed according to the way you drive and also the conditions you drive in. If you are a  person who drives through severe road structures or goes Off-roading then your filter will face more wear and tear than usual. This indicates that you will have to change your filter more than often. Filters are really important as it determines the grit and dirt that enters our vehicle.

3. Wiper fluid top up

Wiper fluid makes sure that your windscreen is free of dirt and other anomalies. If you feel that the fluid is less or your windshield is not as sparkly clean as usual, then it simply indicates the fact that it is time to top up your wiper fluid. Although water can be used as an alternative, it is better to use proper wiper fluid as that contains chemicals that will help us have our windshields shine!

4. Power steering fluid top up

Almost all vehicles that come out now are equipped with a power steering. For the power steering to function smoothly and properly, we will have to ensure that power steering fluid is topped up. This fluid  helps to transmit the power into your steering system. If a top up is not done at proper intervals, then it can affect the motion of your vehicle. It can also bring damage to the pump, rack and pinion of your car. During this service, this fluid top up will be done as well. 

5. Engine coolant top up

You might be thinking, what happens if an engine coolant top up is not done? Well, if an engine coolant is not topped up, it can lead to automatic shut down of your engine. What you don’t realize is that the coolant is one of the most important fluids under the bonnet of a car. You will risk harming by overheating parts of your engine like water pump, head gasket, cylinder head, crank failure etc.

6. Air filter cleaning

If you want cool and crisp air to flow through your car, then you have to pay close attention to air filter cleaning. The filter is not just attached to keep the air clean it also plays an important role in the operations of your vehicle. If the cleaning of an air filter is ignored, it can lead to allergen buildup that can lead to respiratory problems, short-cycling that can lead to wastage of energy and so on. 

7. AC filter cleaning

No one can imagine cars without an AC, isn’t it? We, at Carcility take it seriously to clean AC filters. During this service offer, we also include AC filter cleaning. If the AC filters are not cleaned properly it can lead to an unpleasant musky odor and become a breeding ground for germs as well. It can also hinder the HVAC system of your car.

8. Brake fluid top up

One of the most important components of your car, low brake fluid can lead to many dangerous situations that can put yours and your riders’ lives in jeopardy. If the fluid is not topped up in time, it can affect the brake pads and sometimes even cause vibrations under braking. Brake fluid also protects a number of metals in your vehicles like the ABS, wheel cylinders, callipers etc. It protects the metals from moisture. So, if brake fluid is low, it can lead to the corrosion of these metals and create damages as well. 

9. Exterior wash and interior vacuuming

One looks at the beauty of the car right after service don’t, they? When you bring your car over for a service, we give it a detailed wash to make it look brand-new. We do not forget about the interiors as well. We give the insides of your car a thorough vacuuming to retain its elegance and beauty.

10. Comprehensive health check and report

Other than the services mentioned above, we also undertake a complete health check for your vehicle, based on which other services can be done, only after your approval. The labor charges that are incurred when your car is serviced is also included in the complete service package.

11. Free computer diagnostics

Accompanying the service package is a complete detailed report or in simple words, a diagnosis of your car’s health. This diagnosis will be computer-oriented and will tell you about the status of your car and the car maintenance that you’ll have to follow moving forward. 

As an added bonus, once you have booked an appointment with us, we’ll come and pick up your car from home and bring it back as soon as the service is done. So what are you waiting for? Grab the offer today!

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