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Carcility’s Car Care Package: Affordable Auto Car Services and More

Carcility's Car Care Package - Affordable Auto Car Services and More
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For car owners seeking quality car service at affordable rates in Dubai, Carcility is the ultimate destination. Carcility offers comprehensive car service and car repair with a focus on quality and affordability.


Carcility Service Package

The Carcility Service Package includes a range of essential maintenance tasks:


  • Replacement of engine oil (synthetic only) every 10,000 km
  • AC filter cleaning
  • Power steering fluid top-up
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Coolant top-up
  • Wiper fluid top-up
  • Computerized scanning and reporting
  • Comprehensive 60-point inspection and report
  • Air filter cleaning
  • Brake fluid top-up
  • Labor charges
  • Exterior wash and interior vacuuming
  • Complimentary pick-up and drop-off service

Three Tailored Packages

Carcility provides three distinct packages, catering to varying customer needs:


Major Service: This includes a detailed checkup covering all repairs and replacements of wearable parts. Services include engine oil replacement, wiper fluid top-up, AC filter cleaning, engine coolant top-up, brake fluid top-up, free computer diagnostics, power steering fluid top-up, exterior wash, interior vacuuming, and replacement of engine belt, spark plug, and brake disc.

Minor Service: Offering comprehensive vehicle inspection and diagnostic checks by factory-trained technicians. This package covers engine oil replacement (every 10,000 km), oil filter replacement, wiper fluid top-up, power steering fluid top-up, air filter cleaning, AC filter cleaning, brake fluid top-up, exterior wash, interior vacuuming, and free computer diagnostics.

Specialized Car Services: Beyond Major and Minor car services, customers can opt for specialized services such as car wash and detailing, brake services, AC service, and battery service. This includes automatic car wash, steam washing, interior sanitization and vacuuming, ceramic coating, waxing, leather seat treatment, window tinting, and interior detailing.


Additional Concerns in Dubai

Given Dubai’s climate, with frequent sandstorms and high temperatures, services like regular car washes and exterior care are crucial. Battery maintenance is also vital, ensuring the electrical system’s longevity and preventing breakdowns. Regular brake inspections and replacements are essential for optimal vehicle safety.



Carcility provides the best car repair and car service in Dubai at competitive rates. Regularly offering a variety of deals and discounts, they ensure customers receive the best value for their money. For reliable and affordable car care, coupled with the advantage of ongoing offers, Carcility remains a top choice in Dubai.


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