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Celebrate Ramadan with Unbeatable Car Service Offers at Carcility

Carcility - Celebrate with Ramadan Offers at Carcility
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The Holy month of Ramadan has arrived which is a period for spiritual growth and reflection. Fasting, charity and Almsgiving help strengthen the bonds within the community. Carcility, the car repair and car service in Dubai joins its customers in celebrating Ramadan in the true spirit of love of God and the holistic development of humankind.

Carcility is happy to offer discounted offers for various services to its esteemed customers in the Holy month of Ramadan in Dubai. As we are all aware, automobiles play an important role in not only travelling from one place to another but also in providing comfort and ease of living. 

Car service and maintenance schedules have to be adhered to by every vehicle owner irrespective of the time of the year. Among the services to be given priority is oil change, car wash (interior and exterior), tyre inspection, and minor service which is usually done every 10,000 kilometers.

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Minor Service or specific services such as battery, AC, and engine oil service help maintain the vehicle in good condition.  Minor service takes care of vehicle greasing, engine oil change, filter replacement, vehicle greasing and computerized diagnostic checks.

Car wash helps retain the polish of the exterior paint while interior detailing helps sanitize the cabin and also prevent damage to seats, upholstery, floor, dashboard and other areas. 

An oil change is required to maintain the engine’s top condition as the lubricant helps prevent friction between parts, neutralizing acids, removes engine sludge, and prevents rusting of cylinder blocks and corrosion.  The health of the engine is dependent to a great extent on the quality of engine oil and its replacement at scheduled intervals.


Carcility is happy to offer discounted rates to its customers this Ramadan season, here are some of the offers available now:

  • Instant oil change service starting from Dhs. 135/-
  • Special discounts on repairs up to 20% 
  • Complimentary inspections 
  • Free car washes with the minor service package 
  • Discounted detailing services – interior and exterior 
  • Extended service hours during Ramadan
  • Minor service starts from Dhs. 250/-
  • And many more are on the way

For further details, please call/WhatsApp: +971 56 2169004

Carcility, the car repair and car service center in Dubai offers comprehensive car services including Minor Services, Major Services, Engine Oil services and specific services such as battery, tyre, AC, car wash, and interior and exterior detailing services. Avail the Ramadan offers and ensure a comfortable car ride every time you take the vehicle out from the garage at