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Exclusive Limited Car Service Offers: Unlock Incredible Savings with Carcility

Exclusive Limited Car Service Offers Unlock Incredible Savings with Carcility
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Regular car maintenance and car service help keep your vehicle in top working condition. Car owners trust Carcility, the car repair provider in Dubai, for its comprehensive car repair and maintenance services. To make it even more worthwhile for owners, Carcility is offering some amazing car service deals that are valid until the end of August 2023.


Find out more about the car services on offer now:

  1. Window Tinting: To prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging the upholstery, leather, and vinyl and retain the shine and polish of your car interiors, you may opt for the window tinting services provided by Carcility. Now, this service is available from AED 700 onward.
  2. Free AC Testing and Gas Refill: Both the quality of the ride and passenger comfort are greatly influenced by the workings of your air-conditioning system. Insufficient refrigerant, clogged air filters, or a faulty condenser or compressor can reduce the cool airflow inside the cabin. Carcility offers AC gas refills from AED 89 onward.
  3. Battery: Worn-out batteries have to be replaced with new ones for trouble-free starting of the engine, performance of the lights, and other electrical systems. Now, Carcility offers a 25% discount on all battery brands.
  4. Interior detailing involves vacuuming the cabin to remove dirt and dust and wiping and sanitizing surfaces such as the dashboard, console, door panels, and seats to eliminate stains, spills, and grime. Carcility interior detailing packages start from AED 250 onwards.
  5. Interior Detailing and External Polishing: While interior detailing helps retain the freshness inside the cabin and removes tiny dust and dirt, exterior polishing helps maintain the shine of the vehicle. Carcility’s interior detailing and external polishing packages start from AED 350 onwards.
  6. Headlights play an important role in ensuring visibility of the road and traffic conditions for the driver. If your headlights have become weak, avail yourself of Carcility’s headlight restoration offers starting from AED 75.
  7. Minor Service: A minor service enables the checking of essential components, fluid levels, and the functioning of your car. Carcility offers Car Minor Services from AED 250 onwards with free pickup and drop-off facilities.
  8. Full Car Body Painting: If your car’s paint has faded, with dents and scratches spoiling its appearance, it is time for a full car body painting.

 If you are planning to purchase a new/used car, Carcility is offering a pre-Purchase Inspection report from AED 200 onwards and an RTA Passing Service from AED 150 onwards. Take advantage of the offers and discounts provided by Carcility, the car service and repair center in Dubai, and keep your vehicle functioning smoothly and traveling with peace of mind.