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Why are Washer Fluids so important?

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While owning a car, there are some extremely important things that we have to remember and always pay heed to. Like the airbags in the vehicle, the wiring, and of course, the fluids that are present in your car. One of the important fluids among these is the washer fluids. Washer fluid AKA windshield wiper fluids are brightly colored and made of methanol. In simple words, this is a fluid or liquid that is used to clean the windshields of a vehicle when it is being driven.


What is washer fluid composed of?

As mentioned before, windshield washer fluid contains a dangerous chemical substance which is methanol. Sometimes, the composition can also contain very small quantities of other chemicals as well. However, one should always keep the fluid away from children and pets. If ingested, even in small quantities, it can prove to be fatal. Although it looks harmless, it can lead to permanent blindness, coma, or even death. 

Let us address a common question related to the washer fluid, Can we use water instead of washer fluid? Yes! water can be used instead of washer fluid for small time periods. Since desperate times call for desperate measures, if you find yourself without any windshield washer fluids, you can use water. But this trick cannot be used when you are out for long drives. 


How is washer fluid applied?

All of us are familiar with the handle/lever that turns on the wiper. The same lever shall be pulled up for the washer fluid to be sprayed across the windshield. This is done with the help of a motor and a windshield washer assembly. If you find that the wiper doesn’t have enough fluid to clean your windshield, it means that it’s time for you to fill the washer fluid. Open up the hood of your engine. There, along with the holders for many other fluids, you will also find the washer fluid reservoir. The reservoir will usually be a white or translucent container with a cap that will have a windshield or water symbol. Remove this cap and check the level of fluid in the reservoir. If it’s less than the desired level, fill it carefully until it reaches the top. After it is filled, close the container and then close the hood. It’s as simple as that!


The benefits of washer fluid

  • Even though the washer fluid is expensive compared to its alternative, really good washer fluid will have solvents that dissolve the dirt and grim in your windshield. Water will not do that trick for you.
  • During winters, water becomes a host environment for some bacteria and mold that can eventually become a health risk for you and the car’s passengers.
  • No matter what the temperature is, the washer fluid will never lead to burst pipes and cracks. It has some antifreeze elements in them that helps them to adapt to the climate of the surroundings.

If you believe that it is time to top up your washer fluid, you can always book your service at Carcility. Or better yet, they give a free wiper washer fluid top-up with every car service you take. Furthermore, it is good to have knowledge about the technicalities of the vehicles that you own. Isn’t it?

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