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Hatchback or SUV Which One Would You Prefer?

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Hatchback or SUV Which One Would You Prefer?

A car is a dream but more than that a car is your companion as well. Therefore, buying a car for yourself is a crucial matter. And with all the car brands offering a diverse range of cars, choosing the right one can be pretty much difficult. From model to features, everyone has their own preferences. How do you find the car that will exactly suit your needs for the years to come? It just takes a little research and planning. The “right car” depends on who you are and what you expect from a car. Before you commit to a car, you should estimate its long-term ownership costs. These include depreciation, insurance, maintenance and fuel costs.

When considering a hatchback or an SUV, both are fantastic options loaded with unique advantages for owners. The question is – which type among these 2 best suits your situation and requirements? Hatchback is a car segment which comprises of cars that have a smaller bodyline when compared to other segments. The most striking feature of this segment is the boot which is a space behind the rear seats that exists inside the car itself and is accessed by a hatch door in the rear. Seats in a hatchback can be folded to create a lot of room for storage as the boot is integrated into the car itself. As hatchbacks are also designed to be smaller, they are easy to park. Hatchbacks usually come with a size of under 4 meters and with an engine capacity of 900 to 1.5 liters. Hatchbacks are smaller than SUVs, and usually hold four to five passengers. Advantages or the benefits of hatchback includes:

  • Fuel efficiency: A hatchback is smaller and is generally more fuel efficient than an SUV.
  • Running costs: There are cost factors to consider beyond fuel, too; for example, a hatchback will have smaller tyres than an SUV, which means they will cost less to replace.
  • Pricing: Hatchbacks are usually cheaper than SUVs when buying new, and in some cases, they may even depreciate in value more slowly over time.

On the other hand, there are SUVs. SUV is the car segment  that combines the elements of passenger cars and off-roaders. An SUV has a tall bodyline that provides the driver with a better and wider view of the road ahead, the increased height of an SUV also provides it with a much higher ground clearance, a feature distinct from other passenger cars. The inside of an SUV has a lot more space which can greatly be increased via adaptable and removable seating. An SUV is generally built with mechanical parts that are specifically designed for tough usage, all-terrain conditions and heavy loads. SUVs make a perfect choice for all road conditions. In terms of design, an SUV comes with an average length of about 4 to 5 meters and an average height of about 1.5 to 2 meters. In terms of engine capacity, almost all SUVs come with the most powerful engine offered by the manufacturer with capacities going up to 2.8 liters. Thus, an SUV can offer higher driver position, strong bodyline and a powerful engine. The advantages or the benefits of SUV are:

  • Better view of the road: Because an SUV stands taller than most vehicles, it offers the driver a high level of road visibility.
  • More space: Because of its size, an SUV is generally quite roomy in terms of both interior and rear storage. It often seats more passengers than a hatchback.
  • Ground clearance: The height of an SUV allows it to glide over rough and bumpy terrain more easily.

While choosing a hatchback or an SUV, both are a great choice but it’s more of a personal choice. You can buy a hatchback with pretty much your eyes closed in case you are on a budget. A hatchback is also easier to maintain, which means you continue to save money in the long run. On the other side, a compact SUV will offer you a higher street presence along with more ruggedness. It is better to go for a hatchback in case you are on a budget or you need something sporty. At the same time, if you are looking for a higher street presence and a higher practicality then a compact SUV will serve your needs. Now that you know which type of car to pick, in order to get the maintenance of your car, Carcility is near you to take care of your cars. You can take your care to the best car servicing and car repairing centers in Dubai in just a click. Visit our website or download the Carcility App to avail special offers and packages for your car maintenance.