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Nitrogen vs Air Which is Better For Your Tyre?

Nitrogen vs Air Which is Better For Your Tyre?
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Nitrogen vs Air Which is Better For Your Tyre?

Tyres are one of the essential factors that decide the safety and quality of your drive. They are  designed to provide the riders with utmost comfort while traveling if maintained well.  Most drivers have been using compressed air for years as it is easy to find and is often free. Maintaining the right inflation pressure is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and it can be found in the vehicle’s tire placard. When it comes to car maintenance and tyre repair Nitrogen is a popular choice among many drivers. Nitrogen has been offered as an alternative for air. Nitrogen filled tyres seemed to perform better than compressed air filled tyres. But is it right for your vehicle?

The main reason why people are using nitrogen filled tires is because it deals with tire pressure, helps in long life of the tire, helps in better control and maximizes fuel economy.

When compressed air is filled inside a tyre, it migrates throughout the tyre material. Nitrogen molecules are bigger than other air molecules and hence they move slower. So the air seeps out slower than other gas molecules making the air stay inside longer. Nitrogen seeps out 40% slower than regular air leading to a much more stable tyre. It helps to maintain the air pressure for a longer period of time.A consistent  inflation pressure ensure an easy drive.

Compressed air contains higher moisture or water content in them and this in turn can lead to the formation of rust on the car wheels. As a result it decreases the life of the tyre. Whereas in nitrogen there is no such issue of water vapor or moisture content, so there is no chance of corrosion or rust, making nitrogen the better option than compressed air as it helps in the long run.

With proper inflation pressure, they also help in providing better grip on the road. During different weather conditions , suppose the road is wet then tyre pressure becomes a crucial factor. When tyres are fully inflated, the contact patch between the tyre and the road is perfect. By using compressed air, the tyres lose pressure relatively faster, which affects the size of the contact surface beyond what is optimal. As a result, more fuel is consumed.

Nitrogen-inflated tyres are effective in any weather condition, warm or cold. Nitrogen filled tyres deliver stable performance both in dry and wet environments. If you mostly drive on highways, it is vital that you have your tyres filled with nitrogen. There are numerous other advantages to utilizing nitrogen-inflated tyres. Although it is somewhat more expensive than compressed air, the benefits you receive outweigh the cost difference.

Tires that are correctly inflated wear more evenly, perform better, boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and last noticeably longer. Filling and bleeding tyres is time-consuming, task for a tyre mechanic. However, most shops have a system that not only produces virtually pure nitrogen by straining the oxygen out of shop-compressed air, but also runs through numerous purge cycles automatically. So next time when you have to fill up your tyre , do not hesitate to get it inflated with nitrogen. Carcility always promises to offer the best of assistance that you would require for your car by guiding you to the best car repairing garages in Dubai. We promise you the finest of experiences when it comes to car maintenance and car repair in Dubai. Avail the best car services and take your car to the best auto garages in Dubai with Carcility. Visit our site or download the Carcility app.