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All You Need to Know About Car AC

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All You Need to Know About Car AC

The invention of air conditioners has made life easier especially when it’s hot outside. Today air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity. It is always pleasant to ride with the AC on in cars while traveling. When the automobile air conditioner is turned on and emits cold, pleasant air, the entire journey becomes easier and more enjoyable. However, believe it or not, no car comes equipped with a multi-ice cube ice maker. The chilly air we get from the AC vents is actually transformed from hot air. To transform heated air into cool and fresh air, it must travel through several processes. Thermodynamics is at work here, and it’s what keeps the temperature in your vehicle room consistent. Simply turn on the air conditioner, and the compressor will take care of the rest.
The Car Air Conditioning system has almost the same components as a room’s AC. But as the Car is smaller than a room, there are a lot of modifications made in it so that it can compactly fit in the space. The major components used in Car’s AC are:

· Compressor
· Condenser
· Expansion Valve
· Evaporator
· Orifice Tube
· Receiver Dryer
· AC Inline Filter
· AC Refrigerant
· Accumulator

How does a car AC work?

Air conditioners work on the principle that “liquids absorb heat when they become a gas (evaporate).” For example, when alcohol is rubbed on the skin, it feels cool. This is because the alcohol absorbs heat from its surroundings when it evaporates. It is well known that heat is necessary to change a liquid to a gas. Heat is absorbed from the area in contact with the liquid, thereby cooling it. This principle is the basis for cooling systems, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. The Compressor is the heart of the car’s air conditioning system. It compresses or pressurizes the refrigerant, converting it from a gaseous state to a liquid. The compressed liquid refrigerant must pass via tubes in the condenser to reach the compressor. The outside air comes into touch with the liquid refrigerant here. Because the condenser holds a high-temperature liquid, there is a temperature difference between the liquid and the ambient air. The heat is then transferred from the liquid to the air. The refrigerant is then sent to the receiver, drier or accumulator. The desiccant absorbs moisture from the air and refrigerant, resulting in a colder refrigerant that keeps the system running. The refrigerant flows into the expansion valve or orifice tube, which is already in a cool liquid state. The overall fluid pressure is reduced, allowing it to travel to the evaporator (another component of AC). The refrigerant will subsequently be transferred to the evaporator. The air from the car will be pulled into the evaporator and will end up inside the core of the evaporator. Until now, the refrigerant temperature has been colder, allowing it to convert heat from the outside into cold air. The temperature in the car is kept cool by fans near the passenger seat pushing cold air through vents. This method also removes moisture from the air, allowing you to breathe clean, dry air. (The condensate is also collected and drained during this operation.) After functioning, the liquid refrigerant in the AC system heats up and returns to a gaseous condition. This hot, low-pressure gaseous refrigerant circulates once more before returning to the compressor. This is how the new cycle begins, and you are exposed to cool, dry, and fresh air.

If you switch on the air conditioner and it does not achieve a comfortable temperature, the Freon level might be low. Because it is a sealed system, low Freon indicates that something is wrong. There could be a little leak or any part of the air conditioner could be broken. You can have it checked at that time, as the specialist will diagnose and resolve the issue. Carcility offers AC Gas top-up for the smooth functioning of your car AC. Carcility is an affordable car repair and also the best car repair garage in Dubai and the maintenance solution with certified technicians. Set up an appointment with the best car service technicians at Dubai with the best car service garage that provides the care that your car needs. Carcility strives to provide you with all the expert assistance you will need to care for your car. It is the best option for the people in Dubai when it comes to car maintenance.