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How to Extend Brake Life of Your Car and Ensure Safe Travel

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One of the most important systems in a vehicle is the braking system as its failure can cause accidents causing huge damage to people and property.  Proper braking of the vehicle depends on the care and precaution exercised by the driver as well as the condition of the braking system. The new generation cars come with the ABS system or anti-lock braking system that prevents lock-up of the braking system. The ABS system monitors the speed at which the wheels are rotating and brake is applied in pulses to slow down the vehicle

Here are some tips for ensuring better braking and safe travel in your car:

Prevent Abrupt Halt

One of the best ways to prevent frequent wear and tear of the braking system is to maintain a steady speed of the vehicle. Frequently abrupt braking while moving at high speeds causes wear and tear of brake pads. Optimizing the speed of the vehicle ensures that you can stop the vehicle at a safe braking distance. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in the front to prevent sudden braking.  Car manufacturers recommend a 180-degree vision for the driver to get to know about surroundings, pedestrian and vehicle movements.

Use of Brake Pedal

Brake pedal should be used only for slowing the vehicle or stopping the vehicle. Do not press the brake pedal and the accelerator at once. This can cause premature wear and tear of the brake pad. The driver must press his step squarely on the brake. The clutch may have to be pressed to prevent stalling of the vehicle in case of manual transmission.

Maintain Optimum Weight

Filling the boot compartment with more luggage or goods and carrying more people than allowed in a car can lead to greater pressure on the braking system. Prevent carrying heavy objects beyond the company-mandated weight.

Stopping at Signals

On highways, a driver may frequently encounter signals or tolls. Since such stops can be predicted in advance, coasting along as the vehicle is near signals, helps prevent a sudden stop. This can ensure there is no excessive weathering of the brake pads.


Maintenance of the braking system is vital for the safety of the passengers and vehicle. Brake flushing must be done every two years. Brake fluid attracts moisture and frequent braking can cause moisture to boil. This reduces the effectiveness of braking. Brake pads and discs  must be inspected during vehicle service and replaced if it shows wear and tear.

Replacement of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid plays an important role in the braking system of a vehicle. When the brake pedal is pressed, a piston in the master cylinder is depressed. This pushes another piston out of the slave cylinders. This along with the pressure exerted by brake fluid puts an immense force on the brake pads. The pads then clamp on the car wheels and slow the vehicle down. Brake fluid plays an important role in transferring heat to all parts of the braking system and absorbing water. If the fluid has turned dark, it is time to replace it. Periodic changing of brake fluid helps the braking system to function properly and ensure safe driving.

Warning Signs

Unusual noise while braking, and poor brake response are warning signs of brake failure. It must be immediately checked.

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