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Importance of Car Detailing Services in Dubai

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For the best performance of a car, regular engine and parts maintenance is required. And this is mileage covered or a duration set by the automobile manufacturer. However, for long-term sustenance of the vehicle, engine maintenance alone is not sufficient. Apart from regular car washing which keeps the vehicle body clean and grease-free, extra care must be taken to restore the paints, do interior cleaning, care of wheels, and other maintenance services.

Car detailing services in Dubai provides a comprehensive set of services that keeps the vehicle body and interiors clean and prevents metals from rusting and corroding.

Importance of Car Detailing

Regular washing of cars helps in keeping the body dirt free and keeps the vehicle shining. However, it cannot remove the stains, and spots on carpets and seats. The most important reason to do car detailing in Dubai is the hot and humid climatic conditions to which the vehicle is exposed. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun causes damage to upholstery and leather interiors. Car detailing helps the car to remain clean, and accessories and devices will look fresh all the time. Similarly, dirty windows and headlights can be cleaned. Underbody coating is provided to prevent corrosion of the vehicle.

Car Detailing Services

Some of the Car detailing services provided in Dubai are equipped with sophisticated steam cleaning and dressing of engine, refurbishing of wheels, cleaning ashtrays, cup holders, air-conditioner vents, and other regions which are hard to reach.

Upholstery Cleaning
Car detailing services provide shampoo wash of upholstery used in seats and washing or vacuum cleaning of carpets. Professional detailing services use environment- friendly cleaning solutions when waxing or polishing or for general cleaning.

Leather Conditioning

Leather conditioners are used to maintain the elegance of leather seats and to enable lasting protection. It can help prevent fading or cracking of leather surfaces. Fabric protectors are used to remove stains and improve the protection of fabric surfaces.

In the Covid and post-Covid-scenario, vehicles must be disinfected from time to time as the vehicle covers more kilometres and more passengers get in and out of the vehicle. The use of steam wash can help remove oils, dirt, and grease from exterior surfaces. Steam wash can also eliminate odor, and bacteria in the interior surfaces. Steam sanitisation helps fight bacterial formation in AC vents and disinfecting all interior surfaces.

Ceramic Coating
Use of ceramic coating can seal the pores in the body surface and make it water repellent. It can help guard the vehicle against harmful UV rays, extreme heat, scratches, and chemical spillover.

Frequency of Detailing

Detailing service should ideally be done every three to six months so that seats, upholstery, dashboard, body, windows, and floor mats are clean and appear new always.

Advantages of Car Detailing

  1. Ensures longer life for the vehicle.
  2. Improve car resale value by upto 15%.
  3. Prevents rusting and corrosion of metal parts.
  4. Keep the car looking fresh and new.
  5. Lasting protection for paint, engine bay and interiors.
  6. Improves rider comfort on roads with clean windows and windshield.


Since car detailing is a meticulous job, a car owner must entrust the job to professionally skilled interior and exterior detailing companies. Ensure that the detailing service center has trained staff and quality equipment to undertake sophisticated exterior and interior work. Professional detailing centers are transparent about their estimates and billing. They attach high value to customer satisfaction and engagement. Some offer free pick up and delivery of the vehicle too.

If you are looking for car detailing services in Dubai, Carcility can help you to choose a professional service provider.