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Here are some techniques for prolonging the life of your car’s tyres

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An engine is the heart of an automobile but tyres are required to keep the vehicle running. It is the only part that touches the road surface when the car is in motion or idle and bears a heavy load. Tyres play an important role in ensuring a smooth ride but owners often neglect it until it is time for a replacement.

To avoid frequent car tyre repair and replacement, here are some techniques that will prolong tyre life.

  1. Check Air Pressure: Air pressure must be checked at regular intervals. Manufacturers recommend tyre pressure for each model they sell depending on tyre size and vehicle dimensions. If tyre pressure is less, it will damage the tyre and wheels, apart from consuming more fuel. Overinflated tyres compromise the safety of the vehicle.

  2. Tyre Rotation: Tyres have to be rotated every 6000 miles to prolong their life. It is recommended to rotate the tyres diagonally from front to rear. The left front tyre is in place of the right back tyre and the right front tyre is in place of the left back tyre. This can be done as part of routine service or oil change.

  3. Wheel Alignment and Balancing: It is good to do alignment and balancing of wheels every 5000 kilometres if you drive through rough roads or harsh terrains. Traversing potholes and bumps may cause misalignment of wheels putting undue pressure on tyres. This will lead to substantial wear and tear.

  4. Valves and Caps: When replacing old tyres, the valves and caps also need to be replaced. This will ensure proper retention of air and better tyre performance.

  5. Avoid Harsh Driving: Frequently applying brakes and screeching halts put undue pressure on tyres. Drive gently at optimal speeds. Avoid hard braking and acceleration. Aggressive cornering also hastens the wear and tear of tyres.

  6. Prevent Overloading: Overloaded cars put too much pressure on the wheels and tyres and reduce their life considerably. Stick to recommended weight, and ensure that the vehicle is not overloaded with passengers and luggage.

  7. Punctured Tyre: If the tyre is punctured or has very less air use the jack to replace it with a spare tyre or seek the help of a garage nearby to get it repaired. Running the vehicle on an underinflated tyre can cause damage to the tyre and wheels. It also increases fuel consumption

  8. Visual Inspection: Occasionally, inspect the tyre tread and surface for any uneven wear. Remove stones or metal particles stuck in the groove. If the tread depth is getting less quickly it may be time for a tyre rotation or wheel alignment. Problems with the break and suspension can also affect the life span of the tyre.

Although road conditions are not predictable, avoid speeding on concrete roads or roads with potholes or bumps. Gently manage such obstacles for unrestricted movement. Cemented surfaces create more friction on tyres causing damage to it. It will shorten the life of a tyre.  

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