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How Car Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

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Just as any machine requires periodic maintenance to retain its good condition and performance, a car also requires regular maintenance. Regular car maintenance can lead to savings in terms of repair and replacement of parts and components. It is said that a stitch in time saves nine. A small repair done on time prevents costly repairs later on.

Here are the ways by which car maintenance can help you save money: 

Improves Fuel Efficiency: Regular maintenance includes checking the replacement of engine oil and other fluids such as brake fluid, coolant and gear oil. This can improve engine performance and improve fuel efficiency. This in turn leads to huge long-term savings. Tyre rotation, wheel-balancing and other checks done on a regular basis also lead to fuel savings.

Prevent Breakdown: Regular car maintenance prevents damage to parts and components, and thereby preventing the breakdown of the vehicle. Breakdown repairs can lead to huge costs and loss of availability of the vehicle for weeks.

Prolongs Life: Routine maintenance of cars takes care of the wear and tear of components such as brake shoes, clutch pad, suspension and other components thereby prolonging the life of the vehicle. Regular car wash and sanitisation help to retain the shine of the vehicle and prevent rusting and corrosion of metal parts thus enhancing the life of the vehicle.

Better Value: Owners who do maintenance of the vehicle at intervals recommended by the manufacturer will get good resale value for their car. Resale value is determined by the model and brand of the car apart from the condition of the vehicle.

Safety of Vehicle: The safety of the vehicle is determined to a large extent by the functioning of the brake, clutch, steering and sufficient friction on the tyres. Wear and tear of suspension, shock absorbers can also compromise the safety of the vehicle. Accidents can be prevented by keeping the vehicle in good condition and maintaining optimum speed. All these contribute to savings for the car owner. 

Preventive maintenance of cars helps the owner save costly repairs to vehicles later on. The air conditioners should have their air filters checked and replaced when necessary. The refrigerant gas has to be topped up to ensure sufficient cooling. The condenser and compressor have to be checked and serviced continuously to give good results.

For new cars, failure to adhere to regular servicing schedules may lead to loss of warranty cover for the vehicle. Warranty is given subject to the condition that the owner carries out regular maintenance. Failure to do so will entail an increase in repair and replacement costs as warranty cover becomes void. Periodic maintenance will ensure that the timing belts, serpentine belts and V-belts are in good condition and free from wear and tear. Belts play an important role in the smooth functioning of the vehicle.

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