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You are excited about your upcoming holiday road trip. However, unless your car is in good condition, your journey will not be enjoyable or smooth. Before you begin your journey, there are a few things you should do to ensure that you don’t run into any problems.

Car maintenance and service at regular intervals can ensure hassle-free functioning and long life for your vehicle. 

The most essential checks are to be done on the tyres, wheels and fluids. The engine oil may have to be topped up if it has gone below the required levels. The coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid and other essentials have to be checked to ensure that the quantity is sufficient for the optimum performance of the vehicle. If the engine oil has become dirty, it has to be replaced to prevent engine damage and to get optimum fuel efficiency. Insufficient coolant in the reservoir can lead to overheating of the engine and stalling of the vehicle. 

Tyre pressure and wheel alignment has to be checked to ensure sufficient road grip and reduce wear and tear of the tyres. Lower tyre pressure also leads to higher fuel consumption which in turn increases the cost of the road trip.

Your journey will be incomplete unless the air conditioner can provide adequate cooling inside the cabin. The refrigerant levels must be checked, and if insufficient, they must be replenished. Leaks in the refrigeration system can also reduce cooling. The compressor, condenser, and electrical system must all be tested to ensure that they work properly during your journey.

If there is any unusual squeaking sound, vibration or noise when the car is moving, the problem could possibly be in the suspension or shock absorbers or even the A/C system.  Always take your vehicle to a garage near you for emergency checks. The electrical system also has to be checked for the performance of the headlights, fog lamps, and indicators which will improve night driving comfort.  The battery has to be checked for voltage level to prevent any problems during the journey.

It is a good idea to wash the car exterior and sanitise the interiors as dirt, paper scraps or food crumbs can lead to bad odour in the vehicle and also cause respiratory problems for the passengers. It may be ideal to take the car for a car wash to give a fresh and clean look for the vehicle. 

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