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How to Clean the Cloudy Headlights of your Car!

How to Clean the Cloudy Headlights of your Car!
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No matter how good care you give to the headlight of your car in Dubai, oxidation is a natural process that you just cannot stop. Due to this, all highlights will eventually turn a yellow or a cloudy hue. Not only does this look unkempt and untidy, but it also reduces visibility at night. Especially if you are facing the humid summers of Dubai, this is going to come down really hard on you. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to clean your foggy headlights and return them to their original state. This is a method that can be completed with common household items. Your headlights can also be cleaned when you take it for the next car service as well.

Maintaining the Lights Squeaky Clean!

Headlights not only assist you in seeing while driving at night, but they also assist other vehicles in seeing you. It’s possible that your headlights are yellow or cloudy, which may lead to an accident. If you live outside of Dubai and not in the city, this issue can become even worse, as you would be unable to see much of the road due to rural areas’ frequently inadequate street lighting.
Maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle and car maintenance in general will help to ensure your overall safety. You may restore yellow headlights with a variety of solvents. These, however, can be very costly, so it may be in your best interest to try something inexpensive at home before going out to buy something more expensive.

The Items you Need!

To clean foggy headlights on any car, you’ll need the following items: a bucket, a clean cloth or sponge, water, some bowls, dish soap, and baking soda. Make the headlight cleaning solution, which consists of warm water mixed with some dish soap in a bucket. It’s always better if you have an environmentally friendly dish soap, particularly if you’ll be rinsing the solution down a public drain in Dubai. In a separate cup, dissolve 5 tablespoons baking soda in warm water in small amounts until a paste develops. After that, it’s time to clean and polish the surface.

Start with a sponge and soapy water. Clean your headlights and taillights with this. Get rid of any debris or bugs that have died. It’s always a good idea to clean the headlights first so they’re already damp. Allowing them to stay in the moisture for a few moments without any car maintenance will aid in the removal of hard debris such as bugs that have been caked on for months. To remove any debris, rub in small, circular motions with the sponge. Once you’ve finished cleaning the headlights and they’re free of debris and dirt, rinse them to remove any soapy residue.

The Last Step!

Now that you’ve finished washing , it’s time to start polishing. To do this, use your baking soda mixture and a clean cloth to polish the headlights in tiny circular motions. Baking soda is a buffing agent that aids in the removal of yellow paint. If you are confused about how baking soda acts as a buffing agent, your car service center can help you with it. The majority of the oxides on your headlights are absorbed by baking soda. Since you’ve already washed your headlights, you shouldn’t have to spend too much time to complete this task. The baking soda, in reality, does the majority of the work for you.

It is recommended that you should not rub baking soda on the paint around the headlights. Doing so may dim the paint and the next time you take your vehicle for a car service; you might end up spending more than needed. Only the headlights themselves have to be touched. Baking soda can create swirls in your paint or dull it. This is a move that you can repeat a few times before you get the desired results. After that, give your headlights a final rinse to remove the white paste. You can also use your soapy sponge to go over them one more time before drying them.

If the results of the at-home tests do not meet your expectations, headlight restoration kits are available for purchase and you can take your car to the best car service center, Carcility. Housing some of the best car service experts in Dubai, Carcility can help you make your headlights shiny again!

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