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Why doesn’t my car properly go into gear anymore?

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Have you ever faced a situation where you are driving through Dubai and you figure out that you can’t change the gears of your car properly? There are a few things that might be the cause of this problem. When confronted with a situation like this, most people immediately begin to consider significant transmission problems. It may be the result of a simple blunder. Rather than inspecting it by yourself, you can always take it to a car service center where they will repair your car and bring it back to its original condition.

Here are some reasons why your car is not falling into gear properly:

1. Low Transmission Fluid

One of the main reasons why your car is not falling into gear properly could be because of your car’s transmission fluid being low. While car services do check that out, there can be other reasons why it is low as well.. Perhaps your fluid is leaking or low, and this is causing your car to have transmission issues. Transmission fluid is important for ensuring that your car’s moving parts are properly lubricated and cooled. If you are stuck at a road in Dubai, and you have no access to car repairers, you can check if the transmission fluid is low on your own. Finding the location of your transmission dipstick should be easy. Remove the fluid dipstick, clean it, replace it, and then remove it again. The level, smell, and color of the fluid should all be monitored. If there isn’t much, try adding some transmission oil. You can tow your car to a licensed transmission specialist if you find a burnt smell or a black or dark brown tint.

2. Electronic Sensors

Nowadays, there are no cars in Dubai that do not have an electric sensor. Although it might require car repairs than usual, electric sensors for cars are more of a boon than a bane. The shift solenoids that drive the valves in the valve body are unable to operate if the electronic AT selector switch fails to signal the machine (ECM) that you have put your car in gear. Several slow shifts from Park to Low can help remove corrosion from the switch’s contacts and get you back on the road. Transmission electronic diagnostics should be left to transmission experts.

3. Bad Clutches

If you feel that your gear is not functioning properly, it might be that you are driving around Dubai with worn-out clutches. If your vehicle’s transmission seems to be unresponsive, you could have worn clutches. The clutch consists of friction plates and steel plates. The plates gradually wear down, so the correct pressure cannot be exerted on the planetary gears, which decide which gear you are in. If the transmission fluid level is right but the transmission is sliding, the clutch kit will almost certainly need to be replaced. The engine revs up when a transmission slips, but the car does not shift in sync with it.

The transmission’s components, like all other moving parts, would gradually wear out. You can extend the life of your transmission by conducting routine maintenance. Make sure you have your transmission flushed at the manufacturer prescribed intervals. You can either get the transmission flushed at a car service or car repair center in Dubai. If you are wondering where to get your car serviced, you can bring your car to one of the best car service experts in Dubai, Carcility. They have car experts that will take good care of your car and return it back to you better than before!

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