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How to Keep your Car Cool in the Dubai Summer

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The Dubai heat spares no one. When summer begins, the season of sweat, heat, and problems begin as well. It affects people, buildings, and also the cars that you drive. The summers of UAE see a spike in the number of cars that are brought in for maintenance. The vehicles that are driven in Dubai are modified and manufactured in order to withstand the harsh weather conditions and government rules. However, this does not help the car from suffering issues due to exposure to extreme heat. And the last thing you would want is for your car to suffer a breakdown.

Keeping your car cool during the summer is essential for the car’s long run. Although the weather is unforgiving, you can be nice to your car, and help it when it needs assistance the most. If you are not sure about the things you have to do, this blog is going to help you with it. Better yet, you can also take your automobile to a car service center, where they will make sure that your car is Dubai summer-ready!

As you all should know by now, engine oil is the life and blood of your car. So, if you do end up postponing the service of your vehicle during the summer, that’s going to end up costing you more than you could ever imagine. Oil and your engine are made for each other. The oil exists to serve as the perfect lubricant for your vehicle’s engine so that your car can function smoothly. Summers and extreme heat can have a negative effect on engine oil. It can make the oil thick, which can cause adverse after effects. Although some cars are engineered to stand higher viscosities of oils, some cars can only do with lower viscosities. So, if the engine oil becomes thick, and your car cannot withstand it, the thick oil will not move swiftly enough to fill the spaces between the crank journals and main bearings while the engine is running. The engine will also waste energy pumping the thicker oil, which will reduce fuel economy.

If you have already parked your car in the street under extreme heat, then this advice is meant for you. Remember that your car was being grilled in the heat, so your vehicle’s going to be really hot to drive in. As soon as you get into the car, quickly roll down all the windows so that you ensure proper air circulation for the passengers and yourself. Putting the windows down will push away the hot air that was inside and bring in fresh air. Wait for 2-3 minutes after you have started your car. Then, switch on your AC so that the sudden change in temperature does not affect the people in the car. As we are discussing the AC, see to it that your AC is serviced by a great car maintenance expert in Dubai, and also double-check to see if the gas level is optimum to ensure maximum cooling level.

If your AC system has to be in optimal mode, you will also have to clean vents, refill gas, and get a full system check-up done. Since dust and dirt in the environment will end up affecting the air conditioning as well. So, if proper care is not taken, it can lead to other problems. The AC’s blower has to be cleaned so as to make sure that only cool air flows in through the vents. If the gas for the AC is not refilled periodically, that can lead to a situation where your car won’t be enjoying maximum cooling during the summers.

Always use coolant and not water to fill your coolant reservoir. You may have used water in place of coolant when the need arose for it. But in summers, coolant is definitely the best option to keep your car cool and safe. Using coolant prevents the water in your radiator from boiling over. Hot coolant is pumped into the radiator, making way for cooler coolant to move into the engine. If water is used in place of coolant, hot water will just make the water in your radiator hotter, and cause problems. The minerals in the normal tap water will gradually lead to corrosion that can damage the radiator. Also, the coolant acts as a lubricant to all the parts it comes into contact with inside your car. It keeps the gaskets and seals nimble so there are lesser chances of a leak.

Other simple things that can be done to keep your car cool are, leaving your car in the shade or covering it up, this will not only help to maintain the lower temperature but also ensures that the paint does not fade away. If you reside in a place with a closed car park then try to leave the windows slightly open so that air passes through the car. This ensures that hot air is not trapped inside the vehicle.

Summer is a time when you see that your car batteries will call out for help. Parking the car in an open space during the day time for a longer period will reduce the life of your battery as well. If you are a person who leaves your vehicle idle for a time period, it is advisable to disconnect your battery from the car.

Also remember not to keep materials like pressurized cans, aerosol cans, cigarette lighters etc. in your car during summer.

Although all these things can be easily done at home, servicing your car needs experts. And who better than Carcility to service your car make sure that it runs efficiently during the summer? Book an appointment with Carcility today and avail exciting offers!

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