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How to Retain Car Shine?

How to Retain Car Shine
Car care

Let Your Car Shine Bright!

It takes a couple of months after the purchase of your brand-new car, to grasp a fundamental fact about car-care. Your car too needs some cosmetic treatments to maintain its brand-new shine. You then become dedicated to retaining that mind-blowing shine that your four-wheeler had, on the day you drove it home for the first time. Here are some key tips to make your car shine bright as ever.

Say No to sun-tan

Always pick out a shady spot to park your car. Prolonged meet-ups with ultraviolet rays can dull your car’s shine over time. There is nothing you can do while driving but while parking, choose a spot, free of sun’s heat and glare. The alternate step is to buy a UV-protective car cover.

Wash your car right

Biweekly washes are the easiest method to retain the shine of your car. Make sure to use a soap with low pH value and a non-detergent formula. After each wash, immediately wipe off to avoid water spots. Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning as its unique weaving pattern easily traps the dirt, without scratching the surface. For best results, get yourself a car cleaning-kit.

Save your car from bird droppings

Animal and bird filths not just spoil your mood but severely affect your car’s paint job. If this happens while your car is exposed to sun, the fallouts can be even worse. It is advised to wash it away as soon as possible, or opt for professional services.

Waxing and Polishing

Give your car waxing and polishing of the best quality. The compounds of low-quality polishes can damage your car’s paint job. Too much waxing could spoil the look of your car. The best you can do is to opt for professional help when your car is in need of the same.

Say Yes to Paint Touch-ups

When it’s time to give a paint touch up, go for it. The most popular methods to carry out a paint touch-up is with the help of spray cans and paint pens. You may refer to online tutorials to do the work. For finding the exact shade of your car paint, contact your dealer.

Use Paint Conditioners

If you want to protect the paint job of your new or recently painted car, choose a suitable paint conditioner. A small quantity of non-abrasive paint conditioner would suffice. For the best brands and conditioning methods, consult specialists like Carcility..

Smooth out the scratches

A car with a lot of scratches isn’t a pleasing sight. Keep in mind that a stitch in time saves nine. Deal with the scratches right away. For this, you may use a rubbing compound or touch-up paints.

Slay with the Clay

After proper cleaning, coat your car exterior with the suitable kind of clay. This gives a fine coating, making it smooth and scratch-resistant. This has to be done carefully, so the best you could do is to settle on expert help.


Retain the elegant shine of your car with these tips. You needn’t worry if you don’t have time. You may opt for professional services from Carcility-the leading car-care expert. We provide you with instant car-care solutions. Take a drive to a Carcility outlet and drive back with your car looking as exquisite as ever.

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