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7 Car Damaging Habits in Dubai That Are Hurting Your Car

Car Damaging Habits
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Yes! We all know that regular car maintenance is required. But, are we aware of the repercussions that will follow on delaying the scheduled care? While there are several tactics that you, as a driver, can ensure to ascertain that your car is running smoothly, all the time, there are many others which you might not know are actually hurting your car! Certain habits like not paying attention to an underinflated tire, shifting from drive to reverse while still moving forward (and vice versa), revving your engine while it’s still cold, or not driving the car at all are damaging habits. These habits gradually damage the car and its functionality.


7 Car Damaging Habits to Avoid

We tend to ignore similar warnings about our specific driving skills, our delaying servicing, ignoring warning lights, etc. But these are potentially dangerous as they might be hurting your car, or risking it for significant damage soon. Following are the seven degrading habits that are damaging your car:


1. Reckless Driving

From the several bad driving habits that you should avoid, this particular one should definitely be a priority. Reckless driving is not only risking your car to damage, but it also is putting your life and that of your fellow passengers on risk! This comes under the most notorious habit for anyone who’s on the road. Reckless driving can include so much more than just driving headless to the other passengers and risking yours as well as their safety. Driving fast, ignoring the warning signs for speed breakers and running past them are other habits that should be particularly avoided.


Can Driving Fast Damage Your Car?

Yes, driving fast can damage your car. This is because as you drive faster, your car uses more fuel, in turn adding pressure on the transmission. The other smaller moving parts of the engine are also subjected to added stress, making them vulnerable to wear and tear faster.

Before riding on the streets of the UAE, it is advised that you go through the several stringent road safety laws and regulations implemented by the regulatory authorities.


2. Shifting from Drive to Reverse Before Stopping

This is a potentially critical act where you shift your drive to reverse before putting your car to a halt. Several major mechanical parts of a car are involved in putting its drive to reverse, and so when you suddenly change its direction while already moving forward, you expose the transmission and other mechanical parts to serious damage risks. 


3. Sudden Acceleration and Braking

You must understand that braking hard, and sudden accelerations will damage your brakes. Braking regularly while driving down a steep hill is necessary, but it is not alright when you’re going on a straight road. Your car brakes need to be maintained properly, and while modern car brakes exhibit good performance with regular maintenance, they wear out quickly too when used heavily.


4. Rolling on Improper Tire Pressure

A general observation with drivers is that they don’t pay much attention to an over or underinflated tire, the overall wheel alignment of their vehicle, or correct tire pressure – this should not be the case! Your car tire pressure is more important than you think. Tire pressure in the range of 30 to 35 psi is adequate. Anything above or below it will affect your car balance, affect fuel consumption and overall handling. The required tyre pressure will be marked on the label on the door pad of the vehicle. This should be strictly followed to ensure the health and durability of the tyres.


5. Is Revving Your Engine Bad for Your Car?

Yes, revving the engine unnecessarily is bad for the car’s performance as the engine is subjected to additional stress. No good will follow while you mimic the racing clips that you’ve seen recently. Instead of damaging your car in order to heat your engine, you can simply leave it on idle, and it will attain an optimum temperature soon.


6.Ignoring the Warning Lights

Warning lights are named so because of a reason! These lights are indications that something is wrong and must be attended to on priority before things get way worse!. As the car detects something that is wrong with one of its parts, it will notify you in the form of these lights that will lit up on your dashboard automatically. Not paying attention to fluid levels, or running on an empty tank, or inadequate tire pressure is some of it, and you must be aware of what these lights mean.

A modern-day automobile is equipped with sensors that monitor and help control the performance and comfortness of a vehicle. A warning light will pop up when these sensors trigger an error or if they go faulty. Running a software check will give you an insight into the health status of your car. Run an inspection through any one of the Carcility garages to keep your car running smooth.


7. Not Adhering to Regular Maintenance

One of the common habits that drivers fail to understand that is damaging their car is – Not sticking to their service schedules and postponing maintenance requirements. You must follow your owner’s manual for specifications to which parts require regular servicing at what intervals and stick to it. Engine, transmission, tyres, brakes and suspension are the main parts of a vehicle that requires periodic inspection and maintenance.

The only way you can keep your beloved car running in its proper shape and health is by adhering to its regular service and maintenance requirements. Always get your car serviced with a professional only!

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