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Road Safety Rules in Dubai

road safety rules dubai

On July 1, 2017, the UAE’s traffic law amendment came into effect. Following the track on Vision 2021, the regulations aim to reduce the casualties caused by traffic from about 6 per 100,000 people to 3 per 100,000 and to govern further law and order, post the 2014 revision, surrounding the road safety and traffic guidelines. 

If you’re a resident of the UAE or are planning your tour down the lavish roads of Dubai or the gulf regions, you must be aware of the traffic laws and regulations of the region. These laws govern the road safety guidelines and aim to reduce the casualties caused due to road traffic. 

Black & White Points

Like many other governments, the UAE police has a point marking and fine system where they punish traffic regulations and road safety protocol offenders. The UAE government has come up with this interesting and innovative approach in which, unlike others, the police does not only levy black points to the ones that do not comply to the law but also reward the good ones those with a clean record of any traffic violations or incurred Salik or Parking fines for an entire year.

These black points are charged to anyone who’s seen not complying or violate the traffic laws and safety rules. These points will gradually add up with every law violation and an individual with above 24 points in a year might even get his license suspended for about 12 months.

The government started with these safety rules regulations to reduce the traffic-related casualties and were quite successful in their endeavour too – with 1076 fatalities reported in 2007 to 174 in 2016.

The Dubai traffic safety strategy aims to reduce the traffic-related fatalities to 1.5 for every 100,000 of the population in Dubai by 2021. They intend to achieve the milestone by having their campaigns planned under four agendas that include changing the motorists’ driving habits for the better, investigating vehicles for traffic safety regulations and for criminal safety procedures, examining motorists’ records and traffic awareness campaigns.

Safe Driving Rules in UAE

The Ministerial Resolution No. 177 of 2017 is regarding the rules that individuals must follow while every time you’re on the road.

The regulation has jotted pointers that will help you understand the need for driving licence, its eligibility and renewal criteria.

For citizens, GCC nationals and other nationalities, being below 21 years of age, the driving license is initially valid for one year only.

For those who are 21 years of age and above, there is a difference in regulations for the license’s validity. When applied first, the driving license will be valid for two years, and applicable to all citizens, GCC nationals and other nationalities. Whereas, on renewal of the license, it has validity for ten years for UAE citizens and GCC nationals, and five years for people from different nationalities.

Driving in UAE – Traffic Rules

The Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017 regarding traffic control rules covers several aspects for not only traffic control but the overall safety of the citizens, minimising casualties and ensuring smooth management.

The UAE law mandates several road safety rules for everyone who’s on the road. You need to be aware of the several road safety rules related to driving, speed limits, and other fines that might be imposed on failing to comply with those. The various laws regulated by the government  in order to reduce casualties and impose management in relation to the citizen’s safe driving include:

Mandatory Seat Belts 

It is mandatory for all passengers, both the driver and the rest passengers to have their seatbelts put on. Failing to do so, the driver will have to bear a fine of AED 400 and have four black points added to his record.

The passenger on the front seat of the car should also be at least 145 cm tall and not younger than ten years of age.

Parents should provide children with a child safety seat mandatorily, up to the age of four years, or else they’ll have to incur a fine of AED 400 along with four black points.

Violating UAE Traffic Rules 

For motorists who are found violating the traffic lights in the UAE includes severe punishment like a hefty fine of AED 1000, a penalty of 12 points and vehicle confiscation for a month.

Speed Limits Violation

A driver caught with any kind of distractions like using a phone will have to pay AED 400 as fine along with four black points.

The UAE laws for road safety has a minimum and maximum limit, and drivers not complying to either of those two will be charged with fines, 23 black points and impounding of their vehicle. For overspeeding, the fine is AED 3000 and for driving below the limit, AED 1000.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is a major violation as per the law. If a person is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will have their license suspended for a year. This date starts from the verdict date that the court offers, and the decision for the jail term/fine for the violator will also rest with the court only.

Reckless Driving

You must be aware of the following stringent traffic and road safety rules.

An individual who’s caught recklessly driving or endangering the lives of others on the road like jumping red signals, driving without a number plate or sudden swerving will have to face severe repercussions, that include a fine of AED 2000, 23 black points and confiscation of the vehicle for 60 days.

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