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Unraveling the Story Behind Carcility – An Online Car Service App

Story of Carcility - A Car Service App
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Until you face a problem yourself, you don’t recognize the need for the diagnosis of that particular problem. The Carcility story started the same way. Although fully aware for the need of a proper online car service app and the hassles of giving a car for service in Dubai, Anirudh realized it when he heard strange noises coming from his car’s brakes every time he used them. So the next day he took his car to his dealer and they recommended him to go for a general inspection. He was reluctant to pay the high amount that the dealer demanded. He was aware that local auto repair services would charge less for the same service but had no idea of such a place. He contacted one of his friends through which he finally chose a cars workshop for getting his car serviced. That’s when he felt the pain of other car owners and how they face issues like reliability and car repair services cost when it comes to servicing a car. He was also apprehensive about the quality of service that would be provided, which is something every car owner is concerned about. And that was the light-bulb moment for Anirudh when he decided to come up with Carcility, an online car service platform for car owners to connect easily with trusted car service providers. At Carcility we are very mindful of the quality when it comes to our expert car care services.

The questions that came to Anirudh’s mind that moment, when he faced problems with his car brakes, would be the same for most of us car owners. We are always concerned about the reliability of a car service center. We all drive our cars with extra care but at times things are inevitable and when the damage has been done or the need arises, who do you choose? You don’t want your car to go through any further damage due to negligence or poor quality of the auto repair centers .

At Carcility, we understand the exact concerns when it comes to servicing your car – Will your car get handled the way you’d handle it? How long would it take and how much will the car service cost ? And that’s exactly where Carcility comes to your aid! We follow “My Car, My Carcility” in our approach which means we handle your car like ours while providing our services. Every car that is serviced at Carcility has all our attention. With our online car service app, you can book an appointment at a convenient time and connect to vendors of your choice. Selecting a car service center will never be the same old hassle with the Carcility app.

We at Carcility understand that before selecting a car service provider, there are certain points you need to consider. The foremost thing is the quality of service that will be provided at the car repair center. With the user ratings provided on the Carcility app, you’ll have an insight into the car service center in Dubai , you want to select. You’ll no more be selecting a cars workshop you know nothing about. Moreover, Carcility connects you to the nearest car care service providers at the time you select, along with the prices quoted by each of these providers. It also shows the availability of the listed service providers nearby. So all your basic queries are answered before you head out to the service center making things convenient and time-saving for you.

We at Carcility, provide services like car maintenance, car wash and car cleaning. So you can choose the service you want for your car. Once you decide to book an appointment with Carcility, we keep you posted. Right from the moment your car is in our service station, till the moment you get your car back, you can track it all on the app. You can see the tasks that are completed and the tasks that are still pending. So you need not get anxious about getting your car serviced when it comes to us. We at Carcility value your trust above everything and treat your car as our own and handle with care. We’re car enthusiasts ourselves and understand your love for your car!

With our platform, we aim to bridge the gap that exists between a car owner and a car service provider. So even car service providers can get listed in this platform and get discovered by customers around them. It’s hassle-free as it requires no paperwork and car service owners can find customers easily. Also, the car service providers get paid as soon as they do the job so the payment is also guaranteed. So our app provides a platform for both the customers and car service providers to connect easily. With the Carcility app, you will also get the best car wash in Dubai and wide range of services such as car repair , car battery replacement , car polish and many others . All your car issues are taken care of by us. You just need to select us and we’ll handle your car like our own. This is why we don’t just say “My Car, My Carcility” but deliver the same through our service.

So if you’re looking for a hassle-free and reliable car care service provider with a tap, Carcility car service app is the one you need. You can easily book an appointment by logging on to the website as well. Everything that you need to know about your car is just a click or tap away. We’re also soon coming up with roadside assistance as well. The range of services we provide may increase with time but the value that we follow “My Car, My Carcility” shall remain constant.

To get reliable car service in Dubai for your car, download the Carcility – Car Service App now and book an appointment for car service online .

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