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Proactive Tips for Handling a Flat Tire While on the Road

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Experiencing a flat tire on the road can be a stressful situation. However, with some preparedness and knowledge, you can quickly navigate this common roadside issue and get back on your journey. 

Here are essential tips to help you before, during, and after a flat tyre incident to ensure you’re always prepared.


Car Essential Tips - Carcility


Before Making a Car Purchase:

  • When buying a car, always choose trusted dealers for your tires, especially in a bustling city like Dubai, and ensure not to use them beyond their expiration date. A well-maintained set of tires goes a long way in contributing to your safety, fuel efficiency, and driving comfort.


  • If you’re purchasing a second-hand car, carefully inspect the tires for signs of excessive tread wear, cracked sidewalls, discoloration, or bulging. Consult with your mechanic to assess their condition.

Before Making a Car Purchase

Invest in reliable roadside assistance.

  • Even with knowledge and tools for handling a flat tyre, loosening stubborn bolts or securing the spare tire can be challenging. Have the contact information for reliable car service and car repair providers readily available. Check with your car dealership, insurance company, or third-party service providers to find an assistance plan that suits your budget and needs. Knowing help is just a phone call away can be reassuring.

Invest in reliable roadside assistance

When You Encounter a Flat Tire:

While Driving:

  • If you notice a flat tyre while driving, it’s crucial not to continue, as this poses risks to your safety and others on the road.


  • When you hear unusual sounds, feel a loss of control, or experience a reduction in speed, quickly move to a safe area, activate your emergency lights, and seek assistance to address the issue promptly.

While Parked:

  • It’s preferable to discover a flat tyre while your car is stationary rather than while driving. In this case, inspect the damaged tire and replace it with your spare.

Being Prepared:

  • Familiarize yourself with your “fix-your-flat” kit and understand the purpose of each tool. This knowledge will be invaluable if you ever find yourself changing a tire.

Staying Calm:

  • In the event of a flat tyre, especially on a highway or amidst heavy traffic, remain composed. Gradually reduce speed and gently apply brakes until your car comes to a complete halt. If possible and safe, activate your hazard lights and move to a level, unobstructed area away from traffic. Engage your handbrake once parked.

Changing the tire:

  • Every driver should have basic tire-changing skills. Practice changing a tire to ensure you can confidently handle the situation when it arises.

Driving on a Spare Tire:

  • When using a spare tire, adhere to the specific rules associated with it, such as following adjusted speed limits and being mindful of altered braking performance. Remember, spare tires are not intended for long-distance travel, so prioritize getting a new tire or repairing the puncture promptly.

Ongoing Maintenance:

  • To minimize the risk of punctures in the bustling streets of Dubai, ensure your car receives regular car service in Dubai. Even if your car appears to be running smoothly, routine inspections for tire alignment, balance, and wear are essential. Address visible issues promptly with the assistance of a qualified mechanic. Don’t forget to periodically check the air pressure in your spare tire, as an empty spare is as good as no spare at all. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority recommends replacing tires no later than five years from the date of manufacture.

Ongoing Maintenance - Carcility

Additional Note:

  • To determine your tire’s manufacturing date, inspect the last four digits of the DOT code on the tire’s side. The first two digits indicate the week of manufacture, while the last two digits refer to the year.


By following these proactive measures, you can navigate a flat tire situation with ease and ensure a hassle-free journey on Dubai’s highways. Remember, if you ever need assistance while on the road, you can always rely on Carcility for support.

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