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All You Need to Know About Professional Car Detailing in Dubai

Professional Car Detailing Services in Dubai
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Don’t we all love the immense pleasure of driving our favourite car? Paying attention to the vehicle that you drive will not only increase its overall appearance but also help you retain its value. A clean, impeccable car exterior and interior is good for the car’s hygiene and performance of its parts. You must be aware of your car’s proper maintenance and adhere well to its regular service needs. 

What Does Detailing Your Car Include?

Unlike a car wash, the car detailing service is not just limited to the exterior cleaning but involves the interior cleaning as well.

The following steps are a part of the overall car detailing:

  • Exterior Detailing

The steps include washing, drying, claying, polishing and sealing the part with a protective coat. These include engine pressure cleaning, glass chip correction, paintwork correction and other touch-ups. 

  • Interior Detailing

This includes steps like vacuuming the interiors, brush cleaning, steam application for a complete reach, re-vacuuming, followed by wiping and perfuming. Every part of a car’s interior is covered in a detailed service plan.  

What’s the Difference Between Car Detailing and a Car Wash?

A professional car detailing differs from car wash not only in the basic steps involved in each but their overall objectives as well. While a car wash service is usually limited to the cleaning of the car’s exteriors, a car detailing service involves a greater extent of the detailed car wash service. In terms of applications and benefits, one would opt for a car wash service mostly to get the vehicle’s exterior free of dust, dirt and other grim deposits for protection and preventing further damage from rust, etc. and with car detailing, the primary objective is broadly to render the car shining like new, improved appearance, and for its overall value retention.

How Long Should It Take to Detail a Car?

It can take somewhere between three to eight hours, depending on the model of your vehicle and scale of work required for completion. The time consumed depends on the stains, dyes and dirt on the interior of the vehicle and extent of scratches and marks on the vehicle body.

How to Choose the Best Car Detailing Service

To ensure spotless and shiny exteriors and clean interiors, your car detailing package selection from the service provider should fulfil all your service needs and requirements. Carcility provides you with excellent services and affordable packages for Interior and Exterior Detailing. While you search for the best professional car detailing service provider in Dubai, you can make sure that it includes the following:

Paintwork Protection and Repair

Car detailing aims to provide for your car’s complete paint cover in a three-step process – Cleaning, Correction and Protection. The exterior of the vehicle is washed and dried first. The paintwork repair involves the usage of tools like a rotary machine polisher that spreads the gel-like substance evenly across the car body, especially to areas that require correction (like dull paint, debris marks, rust, oxidation or scratches). Then ceramic coating is applied to provide proper exterior protection that your car needs. The PPF or paint protection film acts as the protective coat that shields the colour from the harmful UV rays, scratches, mineral deposits, chippings, and other marks.  Majority of service providers will give you a warranty of 6 months for PPF and Ceramic coating.

Interior Detailing

Clean and pleasant smelling interiors are very much essential for keeping a healthy atmosphere in the vehicle. The state of your car’s interiors is equally important as its exterior. The interior is exposed to frequent stain marks from food, beverages, other foreign substances, and dust. This will result in stained upholstery, dusty carpets, untidy dashboard and seating. 

Interior detailing ensures that all removable dirt and stains are kicked out of your vehicle. The interior is vacuumed, brushed and steam/wet cleaned and then let to dry ( includes the cleaning of windows, windshield, rear cargo area, dashboard, carpet, leather seats, fabric and rest of the other upholstery). Polishes are applied to dashboards, door pads, steering wheel and seats( leather seats). 

Suspension and Wheels

This involves your car’s underside cleaning and protection. It is not only the exterior body paint that is covered for protection in a professional car detailing service. Cleaning of the underbody components forms an essential part in the car’s exterior detailing where every inch of the chassis, wheel and underside elements are taken care of. A plastic film protects the inner fender lines while the car’s wheel and tires are thoroughly washed and then coated for protection.

Exterior Headlights and Windshields

Your selected professional car detailing service provider in Dubai must thoroughly consider your vehicle’s windows, headlights, windshields and other glasses in its detailing process. A complete auto detailing package that follows attention to every corner, complete glass cleaning, swirl marks removal, sealing off the headlights after its proper cleaning and rust removal along with interior detailing, fulfils the complete detailing format. 

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost in Dubai?

The price of a car detailing service in Dubai can range anywhere between AED 300 to AED 900. 

The overall cost would again vary with the amount of work and tools that are put into your car’s complete detailing process (interior, exterior or complete detailing), which also will depend on the state in which you bring your vehicle to the service station. Dubai’s harsh climate can be detrimental to the vehicle’s appearance and performance. Hence, the extent of the work required in your car’s detailing will determine its total cost.

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