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What Is the Cost of Car Wash in Dubai?

Car Wash in Dubai
Car wash

Whether it’s a luxury vehicle or a pre-used car, people in Dubai spend a considerable amount to keep up with their car’s standards and for its proper maintenance. Keeping up with the environment, you must align your car’s maintenance with the dirt-free surroundings and the impeccable cleanliness everywhere in Dubai, for which it is advised that you get your car wash done, at least once in a month.

Cost of Car Wash in Dubai

The average price range of a car wash in Dubai is between AED 20 to AED 150. 

The term Car wash is very generic as this might be just an exterior wash, interior cleaning, exterior wash and interior cleaning or it can be even a complete detailing of the vehicle.

The car wash cost varies depending on several factors like the type of car wash needed, model of your car, in-shop service or doorstep service, interior and exterior polishing, etc.

The average time required for a normal car wash is usually about 20-30 minutes.  But the overall time taken can even get extended up to 6-8 hours, depending on the type of car wash you’ve selected and the state of your car. A traditional car wash method involves the use of a bucket, cleaning mitt, soap solution and water which is done by an individual in your neighbourhood or at the parking of a building.  Manual and automatic car wash facilities are available at the fuel stations all across Dubai. This involves the use of water and foam to clean the exterior and under the chassis of the vehicle as well.

However, it is best advised that you seek professional help for your car wash as you want that glowing look of your vehicle to last forever. With the intricacies involved with both interior and exterior car cleaning and the level of perfection expected in results, the job is best left at the hands of the professional only.

Environment-friendly car wash and steam wash are gaining popularity as they offer a good price, consume less time and water and provide better results.

Different types of Professional Car Wash in Dubai

The purpose of a car wash is not just to give a fresh look to your vehicle but also it helps to keep a check on the damage caused to your vehicle by debris, corrosion, rust and the harsh climate.

Following are the different types of car washes  based on their car cleaning approach employed:

Automated Car Wash

By far the quickest and common form of a professional car wash. The set of sensors and the digital control system installed will start the car washing process.  Firstly the dust and dirt particles are removed by spraying water through the pressure washer. Car shampoo is applied to the car body through pressure washers again. The car then moves through motorized mitter curtains. For deep cleansing purposes, foam is applied on the vehicle through nozzles. Action of the automated set of scrubbers and the applied foam ensures that the vehicles are well cleaned. After this step, the pressure washers will pump water so that there are no traces of water or dirt left on the vehicle. The vehicle is then passed through a blow dryer facility which ensures that the water droplets are completely removed.

Hand Car Wash

This forms one of the most effective and popular professional car wash methods that involve a professional who’ll carry the hand car wash detailed steps and methodology. The person uses water, fabric, shampoos and other car care products. The service provider/detailer whom you’ve approached will help you in finalising the safest way from various hand car wash types(two-bucket method, use of pressurised foam cannons, etc.). Services included will depend upon the package that you opt for. For example, the wash might include only an exterior wash, interior vacuuming and polishing, underbody wash using a pressure pump and nozzles.  It is advisable to get the interior of your vehicle at least cleaned once in a month as the accumulated dirt and dust can lead to allergies and breathing difficulties for some people. 

Waterless Car Wash or Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Carcility helps you with doorstep eco wash. Also referred to as no water car wash, this type involves a different environment-friendly approach of car wash that uses very little or no water in an efficient manner. The water consumption is reduced by more than 80% when compared to traditional car wash methods. This is made possible by the use of special cleaning solutions and the use of microfiber towels. The cleaning solutions help to reduce the amount of water used and certain products give a layer of wax coating over the paint.  The microfiber towels help remove the dust and dirt particles. This washing method can be carried out in parkings and locations with space constraints.

Steam Car Wash

As the name indicates this type of car wash uses high-temperature steam for cleaning your car. The Portable Steamer machines which run on electricity or fossil fuels produce steam which is pumped out at high pressure through the nozzle. The combination of temperature and pressure ensures that the dirt particles will get eradicated easily giving good results. As most of the steamer machines can give out both dry and wet steam, they are used for cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Carcility facilitates the doorstep steam wash for our customers.  

When Should You Opt for a Car Wash?

The frequency of your car wash in Dubai will depend on the condition of your car and the car wash type that best suits your requirement. If your car is regularly exposed to dust, grime and dirt, it is recommended that you get it washed at least once in every fifteen days. 

The benefits of a professional car wash through Carcility include complete car care, the added value from a professional approach to interior and exterior cleaning, economic value and environmental safety. Doorstep services are available with us. You can stay home safely while we take care of your car. 

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