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What is Steam Car Wash?

Steam car wash
Car wash

Steam car wash is an eco-friendly process that uses steam to wash the interiors as well as exteriors of the vehicle. Steam jet is safe to be used as a cleaning tool for the surfaces. This method has excellent sterilizing and cleaning power; the precaution should be to the process of using it correctly. The steam wash method is considered an ecofriendly approach because it uses a minimum amount of water for the steam, prevents general wastewater runoff, and is emission-free.

How does a steam car wash work?

With just the required amount of heat and pressure, the steam dissolves the dirt and other pollutants that are present on the surface.  

When steam is sprayed using a nozzle pointing directly at an unclean/dirty area, it directly works on removing the dirt off, targeting all dimensions. High-end steam cleaning methods that use HEPA channels for filtering dust pick the minutest strand of pet hairs, bugs, and other contaminants from the surfaces. You can get your car upholstery, dashboard cabin and console spotlessly cleaned and sterilized which wouldn’t have otherwise been possible using conventional methods. 

As compared to the conventional methods of a car wash, steam is a ‘scratch-proof’ process. Ruling out some of the myths, steam does not cause any damage to the car’s paintwork. Steam requires high temperature and pressure for its generation, and hence it is well advised to take professional help for the washing service. Car paints are not temperature-sensitive and have a property to endure extremes of the temperature.

How long does it take to steam clean a car?

It can take about 10-15 minutes for steam cleaning your entire car. 

The process varies with the type of vehicle if it’s a larger one or a regular car and depends on the space capacity and interior space of the vehicle as well.

Is it safe to steam clean the engine?

It is entirely safe for you to use the clean steam service for your engine too. 

You need to make sure to avoid loose wiring and connections to prevent any damage. The professional taking care of the service might even help in detecting any leaks or potential damage that might cause trouble later. With the correct amount of heat and pressure, steam cleaning will not cause harm to the car’s engine.

What are the benefits of a steam car wash?

  1. Scratch-proof Technique

  2. Often with self car washing or with other professional methods like a tunnel car wash, there are chances of the brush or cloth (used in the process) leaving scratch marks or other blemishes on the surface. This risk gets eliminated with a steam car wash as there is no surface contact whatsoever. The steam used is in the gaseous state, and this gas will not leave scratch marks or so. After completing the wash, a mop or cloth is used to wipe off the surfaces gently.

  3. Safe for the environment

  4. The benefits of steam washing that include the benefits of preventing wastewater runoff and saving water as well as electricity makes it environment friendly.

  5. Easy Service

  6. Revolutionary application of technology into a car washing service, the steam wash is a straightforward process without the hustle involved in conventional car wash techniques. The technique does not require any bulky equipment and thus gets easy on operational grounds. You can save costs and time with the mobile service that is available to help you with the service at the comfort of your garage.

  7. Enters hard-to-reach areas

  8. The steam from the nozzle can reach places that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible with a brush or cloth. The high strength heated gas coming out of the outlet will quickly spread to every nook and corner of the car, resulting in brighter shine, polish, and a disinfected car.

  9. Natural Sterilising effect

  10. You need to keep your car free of infectious microorganisms. The bacteria or viruses usually lie on highly exposed surfaces, like the dashboard, upholstery and the carpets. Steam wash not only cleans the outside, but it also acts as a disinfectant to kill the microorganisms dwelling on the covers.

  11. Fit all vehicle types

  12. A steam wash will work on all vehicle types – a classic car, motorcycles, larger vehicles, or a coupe. Steam wash is suitable for all cars, small and large, for their proper cleaning and disinfection.

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