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5 Simple Tips for Your Audi Car Maintenance

Audi maintenance tips
Car maintenance

It is expected that you visit a local repair shop or opt for a dealership store to get your Audi serviced or checked. Having regular checkups will ensure a pleasant and smooth running of your car. Even if you plan to sell-off your Audi car in exchange for a newer model in a few years, you will need to sustain the car’s value with the passing years for a better trade-in benefit.

To improve your Audi’s lifespan, you need to look out for several settings which demand more regular checks than others. Schedule a quick weekly inspection of your car’s lights and signals, tires, battery, oil and other warning signals; look for your user’s manual and follow the service and maintenance instructions. It is vital to follow proper Audi maintenance service schedules to ensure good health and a longer life for your vehicle. There are certain tips to help keep your car in the best shape in between your regular service appointments.

Follow these five simple checks for your Audi maintenance service:

  1. Lights & Signals

    Thoroughly check for the basic functioning of the engine lights and signals in the car as the proper examination will help you determine the work needed in all areas, like hazard lights, brake and headlights, turn signals or other light signals in your Audi car.A check engine light in your Audi car is an indication of malfunction that your car’s computer suspects. These lights blink if the car’s computer believes that trouble might be affecting the car’s emission control systems. Do not tread lightly on the alert and keep an eye for such indications to prevent significant loss or mishaps.

  2. Oil Change

    Your car oil is one of the most essential elements that keep your car’s vital gears running; you must know your car’s oil status. Check for the Audi oil change requirement using the car’s dipstick to see if its oil level is accurate and it needs a fill or not. All Audi models have their oil grade recommendations, make sure to use the required variant. Be sure as to use the right kind of oil for your engine. Like it’s best advised to use synthetic oil for the turbocharged cars, the different engine types require specific oil for their smooth running. Your car can drive up to a thousand miles between routine oil changes, so note for its regular maintenance.

  3. Battery

    Test your Audi car battery every three months or 3,000 miles. To keep the battery life strong, you can maintain it by having regular checks, e.g. during minor repair or oil change, or when visiting the dealership for its routine maintenance. Even if you’re not riding that often, take out your car every week for a short drive to recharge it instead of draining the battery power while sitting in the garage. Standard Audi car battery results in three to five years of its life. Although the Audi battery replacement is not much expensive, it’s better to be safe than being stuck roadside with a dead battery. You can check the worn-out battery power with the car’s interior lights dim or the intensity of the headlights. A low battery will have a lower light intensity that grows if the vehicle is accelerated.

  4. Brakes

    One of the toughest working components in an Audi car is its brakes. Look out for the improper brakes functioning signs and symptoms and check them regularly every six months. Varying humming sounds with the changing car speeds indicates wheel bearing problems which might aim to its replacement/repair. It is thus essential that you make sure of its proper functioning. Check for the need to change the brake fluids, as it is generally recommended to change the brake fluids every 2-3 years or having covered 30000 km. The brake pad warning light in your Audi car will indicate you of a need for rotor or front brakes replacement. Also, while washing your car, avoid direct pressured water to the brake disc or pad, as the water build-up might lead to rusting and further damage.

  5. Tire

    Check for eliminating general defects, or tire pressure issues as these ensure not only a smooth ride but also improve efficiency. It is advised to check for worn-out tires as they might lead to its inefficient working and dangerous consequences on the road. Check for tire maintenance at least once or twice a month.

    Your Audi car will alert you of a pressure loss with a display sign on the onboard monitor and signs of increased fuel consumption. This comes with the tire pressure monitoring system that comes combined into the electronic stabilization program (ESP) of many Audi vehicles. Inadequate air pressure on any of the tires will even result in increased gas consumption.

For cleaning and washing, keep regular schedules for the perfect appearance of the car. Normal water will suffice for removing dirt and debris off the surface. To prevent damage to the lustre, fabric or paint, use recommended car-friendly products only, as washing solutions both for the car interiors and exteriors. For the best Audi service centres in UAE visit our website as it is the one-stop solution for all your car care queries and needs. Review for regular car maintenance and services and other body repair offers. Browse from a list of locally available garages that fit your need, and select from a range of services we have, to get instant quotes on chosen ones. Get real-time service tracking features and various other features – click here to download the app now!

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