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What are the Symptoms of a Bad AC Compressor?

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One of the essential components of your vehicle, the car ac compressor functions to pressurize and distribute the refrigerant, and thus any problem with it will affect the overall cooling and function of the car ac system. As the name suggests, the ac compressor works to convert the low-pressure vapour refrigerant to high-pressure gas leading to its circulation, which under the high pressure and high temperature releases cold air in turn. The air coming out of the dashboard’s vents remains cool because of the refrigerant circulating through the car ac system. For the refrigerant to flow smoothly across the system and stay at high temperature and pressure, it is imperative for the car air compressor to function well.

Car AC Compressor Maintenance

Even after waiting for a while, if your car ac is releasing hot air instead of cold, you need to check for a failed ac compressor. The function of the car ac compressor is to keep the air conditioner blowing cold air.

You need to take proper care of your ac compressor and look for any signs that tell you of a need for repair. To maintain, ac compressor, take note to regularly keep the lubricant diffused throughout the system, keep the drive belts clean and properly fixed, and to manage your car’s air conditioning system, have in mind to keep it running for at least ten minutes once a week to allow the proper circulation of fluids and maintain the gas in the chambers.

Signs of a Failed Car AC Compressor

Your AC will give out warning signs to help you figure the problem. Since your ac compressor functions to pressurize and distribute the refrigerant, any problem with its function will affect the overall cooling, also resulting in hot air blowing from your AC.

Like every other car component, the compressor is also subject to consecutive wear and tear with the air conditioner’s continuous switching on and off. Once it is affected, the car ac compressor will eventually start sending signals that will notify the driver of a repair that is most certainly needed.

Here are 4 Symptoms a Bad Car AC Compressor:

  1. Strange Noises From the Running Compressor

  2. You know it’s time to look for a faulty car ac compressor if you hear strange noises coming out of the units while you have turned on the air conditioner.

    The car ac system is a complete set of various parts connected and each having individual functions. Similarly, its compressor is made of several interior components and bearings, and if any of it breaks, loses capacity or seizes operation, they will create strange squealing and grinding noises. These noises will indicate the car ac unit repair or its replacement.

  3. Unusually High Cabin Temperatures

  4. No one wants a non-functioning ac in their cars, irrespective of the time or kind of season. One of the first and foremost symptoms that might require you to check your ac compressor is when you experience that your car ac is not blowing cold air. A faulty compressor might be one of the reasons why your car ac is not functioning correctly. Hence, check for your ac compressor to solve the hot air problem inside your car.

  5. Leaking Fluids

  6. Another potential symptom that points to a malfunctioning ac compressor is the fluid leaking from it. There are bearings in the compressor that prevent any kind of fluid or refrigerant leakage. A worn-out bearing might cause fluid leakage and the ac compressor’s ultimate malfunction.

    While looking for signs that might have led to your car ac repair, keep in mind to check for the refrigerant running in the system.

  7. Stuck AC Compressor Clutch

  8. The ac compressor clutch is connected by a pulley, to the engine, thus allowing the engine’s power usage by the compressor only when needed. A broken clutch will not be able to transfer the power to the compressor from the engine, resulting in failure of its function. Thus, it is advised to get the clutch repaired or replaced for the car ac compressor’s proper functioning.

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