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The Top 5 Benefits of Getting a Car Oil Change Regularly

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Engine oil is one of the crucial elements that helps the vehicle run smoothly. For all automobiles the engine oil has to be changed regularly to keep the engine in good running condition. Before every long trip, one of the top items on the checklist is the engine oil level. Here are five benefits of doing car oil service regularly for your vehicle.

  • Engine Performance: The engine performance is influenced by the quality of engine oil used. It is meant to lubricate, cool down , and keep the  moving parts part of an engine clean. Engine oil ensures that the friction between the  metal parts in an engine is minimal. Over a period of time dust and dirt particles get into the engine and it is cleared by engine oil and it will be trapped in the oil filter. The filters must be replaced on a regular basis and so is the engine oil.
  • Fuel Efficiency: In these days of rising fuel costs, it is imperative to keep the fuel costs down to reduce the cost of ownership of the vehicle. Improving fuel efficiency results in operational cost savings over the long term. 
  • Efficiency: Engine oil helps protect the engine parts with better lubrication. Over a period, the engine oil loses its viscosity and loses its ability to lubricate the parts. The thicker the oil becomes, the more difficult it is for the fluid to reach all parts of the engine. This leads to heat build-up and decrease in efficiency of the engine. 
  • Reduces Emissions: Every vehicle has to pass emissions tests from time to time. The authorities use sophisticated machinery to assess the discharge of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals from the automobile exhaust. Regular changes in engine oil will ensure compliance with environmental laws. Dirty oil will cause the build-up of hydrocarbons in the engine’s crank base. Subsequently, it gets released in the air.
  • Warranty Obligations: Vehicles are covered under warranty for 24 months after purchase (this time period is subject to changes and may vary due to various reasons) which are extendable for another 36 months or more. However, such warranties stipulate that regular service and periodic service schedules are maintained. This will ensure that oil change and filter changes are done at regular intervals. If oil changes are not done regularly, it may cause the warranty to become void.

The engine oil must be regularly replaced to ensure longer engine life and value. It is usually advised to use synthetic oil and change every 10,000 kilometers based on the quality of engine oil used. It also enhances the value of the car when it comes for resale. Buyers assess the quality of the vehicle based on vibrations and noise from the engine. A poorly maintained vehicle is less likely to command the market price for the brand based on the year of manufacture and model. It is also important to use the correct grade of oil for petrol and diesel engines.

Engine is protected from excessive wear and tear with the use of right engine oil. The specifications are mentioned in the owner’s manual provided by the car manufacturer. It is advisable to check the oil level and color of the oil before every major trip. A dip stick is provided in the engine compartment. Take it out and wipe it with a clean cloth. Dip it back in the compartment and take it out. The oil level should be between the minimum and maximum levels. Also notice the color of the oil, if it has become black or grimy it is a symptom of dirty oil. The fresh oil will be transparent and smooth flowing.  For oil changes and filter changes, it is better to avail car oil service establishments near you.

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