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Washing the right way : 5 do’s and don’ts in Dubai

Car Wash
Car wash

No matter how well-maintained your car’s interiors and engine are, if it looks dirty from the outside – people tend to downplay its value. Also, if you only clean your car when dirt accumulates, the shiny coat of paint will make way to ungainly spots. So, what to do? A car wash in Dubai.

Washing car the right way - dos and don’ts


Let’s list down the do’s and don’ts of car wash:


    1. Don’t let dirt accumulate

After a long day, cars are not just covered in dust – splattered bugs and bird droppings play a part in ruining your car’s look. There’s an added disadvantage too: these bugs and droppings can react with the paint, causing harm to the paint in the long run. If you stay in an extra dusty area, make sure you wash your car every week – monthly washes will suffice otherwise.

    1. Do Keep it cool

It happens – we wake up on a nice weekend afternoon, and decide to wash our cars. Don’t! If your car is standing in the sun, it will be at a high temperature – and cleaning at this juncture will cause deposits that can damage the paint. Wait until the heat comes down before cleaning!

    1. Don’t use dish soap or other household cleaners

Use cleaning products that are made for cleaning cars like specialized sponges or car-wash mitts. Don’t use dish soap or other household cleaners – they are way too strong for your car’s paint! Use specialty products to clean different parts of your car. Do wash the car in sections.

    1. Do Waxing

Contrary to popular belief, waxing preserves the shiny finish of your car. It is advised that you wax your car twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring before the summer starts.

    1. Do keep an eye for the details

Be on the lookout for chips or flakes on the body paint, also detailings– and get them fixed accordingly, ASAP. These small aberrations usually develop into rust spots, which significantly mar the look of your car! By being proactive about maintaining the appearance of your car, you’ll have a vehicle you can be proud to drive for years to come. Ensure you discuss with this your mechanics and get their inputs on the same!

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