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What’s Included in Major Car Service and Why It’s Important

What's Included in Major Car Service and Why It's Important - Carcility
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Cars provide convenience and comfort in our lives, but being machines, they require maintenance to be in good running condition. Major service involves the replacement and repair of components, a detailed inspection, and the alignment of all systems. Carcility, the car service and car repair company in Dubai, offers major car services along with other routine services for your vehicle.


Let’s find out what is included in the major car service. Major car services involve 14 major inspections and checks by our experienced mechanics. It includes engine oil check and replacement (every 10,000 km), oil filter replacement, wiper fluid top-up, power steering fluid, engine coolant top-up, air filter cleaning and replacement, AC filter cleaning and replacement, brake fluid top-up, exterior wash and interior vacuuming, comprehensive health check, free computer diagnostics, spark plug change, engine belt change, and brake disc change.


Running a car involves the wear and tear of parts and components, the need for lubrication of parts, and the consumption of fluids such as brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, and transmission oil. Battery and electrical systems can also develop problems with increased mileage. A major service, which is usually done every 25, 000 kilometers, helps in diagnosing the major issues in the functioning of the vehicle, including AC, tires, wheel alignment, and several others. Carcility, the leading car repair and car service in Dubai, offers major car services along with minor breakdown repairs and other services for car owners. Competent and experienced technicians at Carcility diagnose problems and do repairs with utmost perfection. As a bonus, free pick-up and drop-off facilities are provided to customers in Dubai.


The safety and security of a vehicle are compromised when major service is not undertaken. Brakes and clutch, steering, tire wear and tear, alignment, and coolant levels can have an important bearing on the safety of the vehicle and passengers. Major car service helps prevent damage to the vehicle’s parts and components, improve fuel efficiency, driving comfort, and, most importantly, the safety of the vehicle. Having your car taken for major car service can help you avoid breakdown repairs, as skilled technicians perform detailed inspections and checks at multiple points to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.


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