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How to Prepare Your Car for the Summer Heat in Dubai 2023: Car Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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Summer is really hot in Dubai, and therefore, your car journey will not be comfortable unless the vehicle is properly maintained ahead of time.

Carcility, the car service in Dubai, provides comprehensive car maintenance and car service for customers in a hassle-free manner.

Here are some tips and tricks for car maintenance this summer in Dubai:


Air Conditioning: During the summer, the air conditioning system will be under great stress. If cooling is less, the refrigerant may have to be topped up. AC hose or pipe leaks or a dirty air cabin filter may reduce the cooling power of your AC. In such circumstances, get the AC checked by a mechanic. Download the Carcility app, book your car service, and wait for your car to be picked up for service.


Tire Pressure: Tires have to be inspected for tread damage. If the tread has worn out, the tires have to be replaced. If there is uneven wear and tear, tire rotation and alignment have to be carried out soon.


Battery Protection: Extreme heat conditions may shorten the life span of your battery. Ensure the battery has sufficient voltage, the terminals are clean, and the connections are secure. If the battery is more than three years old, get it inspected by the car mechanic. Carcility in Dubai offers car battery maintenance services. You may use the Carcility app to book your service.


Engine Oil: Extreme heat conditions put extra stress on the engine. The engine oil lubricates the engine parts and keeps them in good working condition. It may be better to replace the engine oil if levels are low or the color has turned dark and slushy. An oil filter helps remove contaminants from engine oil. When changing engine oil, oil filters have to be changed too.


Coolant System: Coolant prevents overheating of the engine and components while the car is in operation. Check the coolant levels, the hoses, and the radiator regularly. If the coolant level is low, it may have to be topped up. Ensure that there is no leakage of coolant and that the radiator is free of debris. If the radiator is dirty, the coolant may have to be flushed and replaced.


Get your car inspected at Carcility, the car service in Dubai offering comprehensive car care and car maintenance services. A regular car wash ensures that your windshield and windows are clean, the exterior paint retains its gloss, and the interior cabin is free from dirt and debris. Don’t wait till summer; have a checkup done on your car at Carcility, the car repair and car service center in Dubai. Ensure a hassle-free journey.

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