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Summer Car Care Tips: Get Your Car Ready for the Summer Heat

Summer car care tips
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Is your car ready for the summer, yet?

The scorching July-August heat, the hot and humid weather, and all the year-round dust and dirt puffs may have a lasting impression on your car’s overall state. The harshness of the heat and light can cause a range of impacts, from the car’s bodywork damage to evaporation of its fluids and resulting damage from grime accumulation and overheating.

Living in UAE, you should be prepared with the basic summer car care methods and tips to ensure your’s and your car’s safety while you have a pleasant drive along the summer lanes.


How do I prepare my car for summer?

Take special car care precautions to be ever ready for the summer’s heat. Living in the not-so-chilly winters of the UAE, you should undertake steps to prepare your car for the summer instead.


Here are 6 summer car care checks to keep your car summer-ready:


1. Car’s Cooling System

Conduct preventive maintenance and a thorough examination of your car’s cooling system. Traveling in a vehicle with a dysfunctional air conditioning system is like living a nightmare, both for the rider and the passengers. This is not only uncomfortable on the level of the sun staring from outside but dangerous on the health aspects as well.

The overheating might cause your ac to be non-functional. Check your car’s coolant fluid levels, filter change requirement, or any signs of coolant leakage under the hood. Look for debris-free radiator fins and other filters if adequately cleaned or not.

Modern air-conditioning systems are complex, and there could be many reasons for your car blowing hot air. Your next task at hand will be immediate damage control and repair. Look for signs of a bad ac compressor and book an immediate service to get it checked.


2. Check tire pressure

Not only do the car’s exterior and interior suffer the pangs of heated sun rays, but the pavements and roads are their silent victims too, resulting in the car tires enduring a higher damage risk from the exposed overheating.

You can follow the inflation pressure recommendation as per the owner’s manual and check for adequate pressure at least once every month. Follow proper car maintenance schedules and check if your car tires are properly inflated because riding an under-inflated tire holds great harm. A tire blowout could result in any oversight on your part to neglect the crucial necessity of checking the tire’s pressure as and when required.

The heat of the summer increases the tire’s temperature and pressure, ending in a costly service repair and a critical threat to life from a severe tire blowout if not paid attention to at the right moment. So, regular tyre maintenance is very important during summer. Check your car’s tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge or seek professional help to avoid future crises.


3. Check fluid levels

The numerous fluids in a car function as lubricants and coolants to continuously reduce friction and remove heat from the various car parts like the engine, to enable their proper functioning. Ensure periodic checks of all fluids like brake, transmission or power steering fluids, motor oil levels and the coolant level to ensure the car runs well without getting affected by the sweltering heat outside. Find the summer maintenance schedule for your car to check for the appropriate fluid levels and the car maintenance schedule for various parts.


4. Protect the exterior

The harsh sunlight can cause great damage to your car’s body and paintwork. You can park indoors or in the shade instead of exposing your vehicle to direct sunlight for long hours. Use a car body cover if the alternate of shade parking does not exist. While you use soap and water, make sure that you do not wash your car under direct sunlight.


5. Maintain a pleasant driving atmosphere

The prevailing weather has dirt and dust masses in the air, which eventually might clog and accumulate as debris in the air filter units of your car. Keep regular checks on the filters to ensure continuous cooling and air circulation. Check for the wiper’s proper functioning for proper visibility during all rides and use sunshades for windshields to prevent the UV rays damage from the sunlight.


6. Check the battery

Batteries are the fundamental checks in keeping your car summer-ready to avoid any damage that could result from overheating. High temperature is known to increase the car battery’s chemical reaction, leading it to an overcharged situation resulting in loss of life span. The heat can also cause quicker evaporation of the car battery fluids, creating a build-up of corrosion in the cable clamps, other connections, and battery terminals. Check regularly for leakages and take care to prevent oxidation from any fluid leakage and heat in the unit.

The intense heat, along with vibrations from an improperly fixated battery unit in the car, during summer, might lead to its breakdown or a complete failure. Ensure your battery’s proper placement and keep regular checks on its car maintenance and replacement schedules.

While the battery, tire, and exteriors get influenced by the temperature, the brakes demand attention too. Ensure proper care and scheduled maintenance for adequate functioning of the car brakes as they are a crucial check in high heat-affected areas for car maintenance.

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