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What’s Involved In Servicing Your Car’s Air Conditioning

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A car air conditioning system is indeed a technological marvel that enables a comfortable ride irrespective of outside temperature. However, the system is prone to malfunctioning if car AC servicing is not done at periodic intervals. Fortunately, you can avail AC servicing at car Carcility in Dubai. 

An understanding of how a car AC system functions will be helpful in understanding whether your AC is performing optimally or not. The important components of a Car Ac are:

  1. Compressor 
  2. Refrigerant 
  3. Condenser 
  4. Evaporator 
  5. Expansion Valve and 
  6. Dryer/Accumulator.


Refrigerant is the fluid that helps the air conditioner to cool the cabin. When the refrigerant level drops, it has an impact on the ability of the AC to cool the cabin. If the cooling is inadequate, the AC mechanic first checks the refrigerant level. If the level is insufficient, they flush out the refrigerant and refill with R134A fluid that changes to gas and liquid. Refrigerant gas leaks are also quite common, and this happens when holes develop in the rubber hoses and rubber seals.


The compressor is the heart of the AC system and most expensive. It works as a pump that puts pressure on the refrigerant and passing it on to the evaporator. The compressor is mounted to the front of the engine by means of a serpentine belt. Wear and tear of clutch, pistons and leak in oil rings can cause malfunctioning of the compressor. If there is a loud whirring noise from the AC, there may be a problem with the compressor bearing. If the noise is from the cabin, the blower fan assembly may have to be replaced. 


The condenser is responsible for removing the heat from the compressed gas. It cools the refrigerant by changing it from gaseous state to liquid. It is a coil mesh arranged in a zig-zag manner and works as a heat exchanger.  Condenser is placed in front of the engine, and it may not function properly if there is bent, or fins are damaged. It may get clogged due to leaves, dust, or debris build-up. In such cases, the condenser must be cleaned with mild water pressure.

Dirt and moisture can cause clogging of the air filters and condenser, and this prevents the flow of air from the cooling coils. Dust accumulation also happens on the blower or fan unit of the system. Sometimes, bits of paper and waste can also get inside the blower.  

The Electrical System

The electrical system in the AC can malfunction and it may be caused due to failed switches, fuse blown off or a problem with the control module.


The AC repair or service must be conducted every year to prevent damage to compressor, condenser, and other parts of the system.  You may avail the best car AC repair centre in Dubai  at Carcility, Dubai to keep the system functioning in excellent condition. 

Car AC servicing involves checking refrigerant levels, spotting leaks if any, looking for wear and tear of the clutch, pistons of the compressor, spotting blockage in condenser due to moisture, dirt and leaves.  The electrical system can also malfunction due to a variety of reasons and hence they are also inspected as part of the Car AC servicing. If there is bad odour in the cabin, it may be due to problem with the air filter and hence it needs to be replaced. You may avail the services of the best car AC repair centre in Dubai, Carcility and ensure that the system works optimally and gives a comfortable ride irrespective of the weather.